Weekly Round-Up

I am slowly but surely recovering from my eye infection, which is great because I’ve grown rather tired of sitting around and waiting for it to heal. It also means I can finally get back to trying to post more, this one being hopefully the first of many future posts to come. Now, without any further ado, let’s get into this week’s news:

  • Spencer Wilding and Warwick Davies are joining Han Solo (The Independent)
  • Porgs are cute, stop hating on cute things! (Screenrant)
  • Arrested DevelopmentStar Wars = YES PLEASE! (NME)
  • This is literally my favourite piece of Star Wars news (Atlas Obscura)
  • Now you can literally get lost in Star Wars (Reuters)
  • Yaay for more Star Wars books (EW)
  • And are real-life blasters really a good idea? (Screenrant)

And now for the best part of this post: the Fanart of the Week! Today I’ve chosen art of a character that I adore, that I write about as frequently as I can and that I miss dearly. I have spilled tears over this character (thank you Christie Golden…), but seeing this art made me very happy. I’m talking about Asajj Ventress and Edenwolfie’s amazing sketch of her:

Asajj Fanart of the Week

I love seeing Asajj smiling and Edenwolfie gave me that. I also really enjoyed both the intricate detail and the fluidity of these sketches, it gives a great sense of Asajj’s personality I thought. Please do check out the rest of her Star Wars art, it’s stunning! There’s also a great drawing of Eowyn stabbing the patriarchy to death which is just perfect, And here is an updated Photoshop version of the sketches above. I love seeing artwork at different stages of production, don’t you?

Asajj Ventress (#2) | A 10/10 Space Badass

As always,


One thought on “Weekly Round-Up

  1. glad to hear you’re getting better i think the porgs are cute the new ewoks hopefully the fans will love them this time


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