Clone Corridor Announcement

We have been quiet for a while here on Clone Corridor. But now Leonie, Juliane & Frank have an announcement to make.

What’s Up

Yes, it is true … it has been awfully quiet on Clone Corridor since December 2019, at least in terms of new posts. It hasn’t been quiet in terms of readers and we are truly thankful for the 1500+ visitors we got every week in the last 16 months or so despite use not placing any new content here. And that despite the fact that, like most of you, we did of course follow the two seasons of The Mandalorian as well as the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

But that period of silence is about to end. We are looking forward to starting up something new here on Clone Corridor, and more announcements will follow soon!


Clone Corridor will see its first real, new, content on May 4th 2021. During the next two weeks we will be announcing more bits and pieces of what is coming your way. It will be something new for us and something that we haven’t had on Clone Corridor yet.

You can expect further announcements about this in the next week. So stay tuned for more news. We very much hope you will like what we are about to start here, and we can’t wait to share the full details with you. So, May the 4th 2021 Clone Corridor will come to live again and around April 26th 2021 you can expect an update with a lot more details.

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