About CloneCorridor

Who are CloneCorridor?

Clone Corridor is operated by three people currently, Admins Juliane Witte (Utrecht, Netherlands), Leonie Witte (Canterbury, UK) and Frank Witte (London, UK). Between May 2016 and December 2019 Darya Zakharova (Karaganda, Kazakhstan)was also involved as an editor on Clone Corridor.

We have been rather quiet on Clone Corridor from December 2019 to May 2021. The reasons for this will be covered in our first-ever pod-cast in the “Pods & Clones” series which will be released here, followed a few days later by a release on our Clone Corridor YouTube Channel. In the future we expect to focus a little more on pod-casting and a little less on writing posts and blogging.

Why CloneCorridor?

We wanted to create a new interactive blogsite that produces new and original content. Of course we follow and will try to report the news, but there are many sites sharing and re-posting news. Our focus is on producing new material in the form of analyses, reflections on scenes and storylines in Star Wars and anything else that we find interesting. As part of that we are now transitioning into something more or a pod-casting site.

Where CloneCorridor?

Of course you can find us here, on Twitter, on Instagram and on Facebook. We recently have started posting on a CloneCorridor YouTube channel  and intend to expand this in the near future and add things such as pod- and video-casts to our output.

What is CloneCorridor

CloneCorridor is completely non-profit. We make our content available for free but retain copyrights on all materials that are originally produced by ourselves. Evidently all of Star Wars is property of Lucasfilm & Disney. All video material posted here is embedded unless it is produced by ourselves and we are copyright holders.

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