Pods & Clones: Episode I/21

Here is the first podcast of our new series, the return of new content to Clone Corridor. We hope you like what you hear and leave your thoughts, comments and reactions as a comment to this post.


This episode contains the following items:

  • Welcome
  • Pod Reactions: where we, in future episodes, will respond to your reactions to our previous podcast.
  • Main topic: The Rise of Skywalker and the Clone Corridor Hiatus
  • Look ahead to what’s coming

The Main Topic will always have a few short intermissions or @Breaks in which one of the Clone Corridor Crew, or a guest, discusses a brief interesting, funny, news-worthy topic or an archive-gem.

Who’s on

This episode you will hear Leonie, Juliane and Frank.


This podcast is free, no monetization is done, nor revenue made. This podcast is not available on iTunes, Spotify or any other such pay-site.

A demonetised video-edit of this podcast will become available on CloneCorridor YouTube.


1] Intro music is the Manaan theme taken from the 2003 StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic game. Check out his Spotify listing (link below) for much more of his awesome compositions.

2] Outtro music is Sabine’s theme from StarWars: Rebels, in the version arranged and orchestrated by Samuel Kim. Check out his YouTube channel (link below) for his awesome repertoire.

3] Artwork was produced for Clone Corridor by @the.joyful.emma and @pink_and_yellow_girl

4] Frank’s short background music was taken from the Kotor II modern trailer by Alec Beemer


1] Jeremy Soule’s Spotify listing

2] Samuel Kim’s YouTube Channel

3] Emma Joy’s YouTube channel

4] The KOTOR II Modern Trailer


Here is Episode I of Pods & Clones

One thought on “Pods & Clones: Episode I/21

  1. If I had children I’d indoctrinate them into Star Wars too. This was a juicy episode listening to everyone deal with their TROS wounds. Lucky for me I enjoyed TROS so much I went back to the theatre and watched it twice. I wouldn’t wish disliking a Star Wars movie on any fan because it is not a fun place to be in. I had my turn with Solo, I enjoyed it in the theatre, but when I think back on it my reaction is: “meh, don’t need to see it again.”

    If I could sum up your collective reaction to the TROS it would be like this: it is like you are Thor’s significant other, and you love him dearly, but he is in his Endgame phase, and he is just slumming it hard eating junk food and playing video games, and it is just so difficult for you to see your significant other in that condition.

    Pretty sure the Obi-Wan series is gonna be the best thing to happen to Star Wars since finishing The Clone Wars.

    That’s all for now.

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