May the 4th: Pods & Clones

We want to share some more detail about our upcoming return to activity here on Clone Corridor!


On May the 4th Clone Corridor will premiere its new Pods & Clones podcast series. Every new entry of the series will be accompanied by a short post here, describing what you can expect of the contents. We expect to bring-out new pod-casts regularly.

What is it about

You can expect the podcast series to be about anything we find interesting about Star Wars. There will typically be a central topic every time, but it will also feature some regular items such as our responses to your reactions and comments on the previous episode. We will also respond to Star Wars news, but in keeping with our Clone Corridor tradition of avoiding pointless duplication of clickbait hype from across the internet.

Who will be on?

The pod-cast will be primarily run by Juliane, Leonie and Frank, the original Clone Corridor trio. But in later episodes we will also have invited guests. We will avoid the typical ‘celebrity guests’ type of scenario and instead will be looking to include people who have something interesting to tell, celebrities or unknowns.

What can you do?

First of all, you can listen, or watch, and respond to every episode in the comments here. Every subsequent episode we will be going through the comments on the previous one. But also feel free to suggest topic you want us to discuss, guests you would want us to invite … including when that guest is you! Also fee free to share out announcements on social media such as Twitter!

Wait what … did you say “watch”?

Yes, we plan to also release our podcasts as videos on our YouTube Channel. This release will come a few days after the release of the podcasts.

Contact us

If you want to contact us directly, just Emails us at

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