9 Months of Clone Corridor

About 9 months ago Clone Corridor started publishing its first posts. Now we have finally reached the last two weeks before The Force Awakens hits the theaters. So the time seemed right for a very brief view back on how we fared at Clone Corridor and a brief view forward to what is to come.

Why we got started

Clone Corridor did not start out with any particular kind of mission! All people writing for CC are simply Star Wars enthusiast since … well since we can remember really. If there was any particular event that triggered our decision to start Clone Corridor then possibly it was this wonderful sense of community that radiated outwards from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim this year. Another element in our decision was possibly the fact that in the near future we knew that we would be following Star Wars from very different geographical locations. You may have or have not noticed, but currently CC comes to you from London in England, St Andrews in Scotland and Naples in Florida.

What we did know however was that we didn’t want to be another blog that mainly exists to link to other blogs & news sites. We want to produce original content as much as we could, while at the same time trying to be original in what we write and how we write about Star Wars. Although we can only hope that we manage to live up to that challenge we set ourselves, we are tremedously grateful to all you readers out there for the way you have received CC.

Starting out with rougly 3000 views a month in our early days, July saw us cross the 4500 views for the first time due to a highly viewed SDCC post. Now a few months later having around 4800 views seems to have become the ‘new normal’ and we dare to dream of breaking through the 5000 views in December. As we prepare for the Star Wars Fest that December is surely going to be, we will do our best to cover the exciting events of this month in a way that is hopefully interesting for you to read.

The road ahead

It is only 14 days untill The Force Awakens opens here in the UK. We have our tickets booked to see it 3 times in the first 36 hours and we will make sure to share our excitement and wonder with you as the premiere date approaches and passes. Although we will do our best to share our first impressions and responses with you after viewing The Force Awakens at midnight in the night of December 16th to 17th, we will make sure to avoid any spoilers in those first few days.

There will be lots to analyse, to discuss, possibly to praise as well as to criticize when Episode VII is finally here. We will do our best to add a CC flavour to whatever we write about it. Especially in the first weeks we will add visible spoiler-tags to everything we write when it addresses plot-details of the film that could spoil your first viewing. We will avoid spoilery post-titles or imagery on out main page and will indicate whether pages that we link to in our weekly overviews are spoilery or not. So throughout December as well as the first two weeks of January you should be able to always view our main page without getting anything spoilt if you haven’t seen Episode VII. The moment we stop giving explicit spoiler tags & warnings we will let you know in advance in another CC Memo!

But there is more!

Although The Force Awakens is a big thing we look forward to, it is not the only thing! Let us not forget that we have an awesome mid-season finale of Rebels coming up. The most recent episode, of which you can read the review here, already got us very exciting with anticipation!

But we live in awesome times for Star Wars fans, for without realizing it fully logic tells us that a firstbteaser trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One can’t be to far away? Could it be that we are treated to a peek in theaters just prior to The Force Awakens? Imagine that! Having a StarWars teaser trailer ahead of a Star Wars feature! That would be a first for the franchise! And if we don’t get that this December, well that certainly next December when we can expect a Episode VIII trailer ahead of Rogue One! But well ahead of that we can expect the reveal of the Episode VIII title! Now very likely that will not happens before The Force Awakens premieres as its title could be spoilery regarding the Episode VII plot. But I expect it soon after!

Further down the road, but no less exciting for us here at CC is the next Star Wars Celebration taking place in London in July 2016. We secured tickets early this year and by now the event is officially sold out. We hope to bring you reports from that event as ‘live’ as we possibly. So check our pages in the coming months for news as to how CC will cover Celebration and how you can interact with us as we are doing our on-location field reports.

Thank you

We want to thank all of our readers of the past first 9 months of Clone Corridor for your interest in our posts, for your comments here, on our facebook community and on our Instagram account. Thank you!

We are also deeply indebted to all our guest contributors who shared their ‘Star Wars Moments’ with us, who wrote very interesting guest-posts or shared their ideas on ‘Anthology films they’ld like to see’ on CC. Thank you!

And finally we thank those who invited us to share our thoughts and ideas on their blogs and podcasts, and all those who retweeted and shared our posts and our live-tweets. Thank you!

It is an awesome time to be a Star Wars fan! And you are a wonderful community to share it with!

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