Star Wars: Rebels Review – The Future of the Force

Best…Episode…so far. I absolutely recommend watching this time multiple times to really capture every second of the action and understand everything that is going on. So before I start my weekly review let me warn you there absolutely will be spoilers and I highly recommend you watch the episode before continuing to read.

20151027-zukunft-der-machtThe start of the episode set an undeniably dark tone for the rest of the episode. We see an elder woman holding her baby on a ship talking to it excitedly about the new life that awaits them when the ship begins to shake and both inquisitors enter. They both look absolutely menacing as ever and force the baby out of the woman’s hands while the fifth brother mentions they ‘have some business to attend to’ and sends his lightsaber spinning towards the other passengers, suggesting many innocents are killed aboard the ship.

We cut to Ashoka talking to Kanan about some ‘Jedi- business’ while “Ashoka’s theme” is heard in the background which I thought was a nice little detail. Ashoka asks Kanan to go to a set of coordinates as she overheard the Inquisitors are on a retrieval mission there. Kanan seems to really know about Ezra’s curiosity by now and opens the door causing him to fall into the room while saying ‘she did say this was Jedi business’. I thought this was a nice touch as it once again reinforces that Ezra really views himself as a Jedi now and the fact that Kanan takes him with him (together with Zeb and Chopper) on his mission shows that he also views him as a Padawan/Jedi. The four of them set off to Ithor in the Phantom dropship while Ashoka sets off on her own to the place of the previous incident with the Inquisitors. It was really nice to see that Zeb and Choppers help was really appreciated last time with the Inquisitors and so therefore they were brought along again. However I found it quite disappointing that neither Hera or Sabine went along with them without any explanation.

Star-Wars-Rebels-The-Future-of-the-Force-9-600x338.jpgAs the episode unfolds we find out the Inquisitors are on a retrieval mission of Force sensitive babies. Zeb and Chopper find the baby we saw taken away earlier in the cockpit of the TIE fighter and chopper makes the hilariously inhumane decision of blowing up the ship with the baby in it bringing Zeb’s ‘maternal side’ out who goes on to save the baby. Zeb and Chopper encounter the Inquisitors and run into a building and are chased by both the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister (who still don’t seem to be able to get along, but then that’s not really in the nature of the Sith). Ezra and Kanan run in after distracting the droid of the Seventh Sister. When Ezra and Kanan join Zeb and Chopper we were treated to some absolutely hilarious scenes which had a lot of similarities to the film “three men and a baby”. None of them had any idea on how to calm the baby which was drawing all the attention to their whereabouts with its screaming. Ezra takes the baby away via the airshafts while Kanan and Zeb distract the Inquisitors. We have a cute bonding moment where Ezra talks to his little temporary sibling and offers him to come with the Rebels team to Garel, which however is sadly picked up by the droid companion of the Seventh Sister.

soka.pngAs Kanan and Zeb are being chased on a speeder by the Inquisitors they join Ezra at a hangar who is currently stuck as the door is still locked. This results in a confrontation between Kanan and the Inquisitors which made for an absolutely magnificently edited lightsaber battle. Both Kanan and Zeb however are sadly defeated by the Inquisitors. We are teased with the possibility of an epic face of between Ezra and the Inquisitors however he is unfortunately immediately thrown against a wall showing he really is no match for the Sith (yet). However the doors slide open beautifully revealing Ashoka with her lightsaber. This was very similar to Darth Maul’s encounter with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn in the Phantom Menace. We are treated to a spectacular show off between mainly Ashoka and the Seventh Sister. Ezra, Kanan, Zeb and Chopper run off to the vessel discussing a possible plan to get Ashoka out. In the meantime Ashoka seems to have defeated the Seventh Sister stating ‘You are beaten’. However at this point imperial reinforcements come in and Ashoka seems to be trapped. I thought this was such a nice scene as all viewers absolutely care about Ashoka and it therefore was full of tension as it really seemed unclear as to what her fate was. However the vessel appears and Ashoka impressively jumps onto it (in slow-motion may I add) and only just escapes the Inquisitors.

The episode ends with one of the most intense cliff-hangers EVER as the Seventh Sister retrieves the information about the Ghost Team’s whereabouts from her droid and states ‘We would love to visit you on Garel’. Credits roll….leaving the audience in absolute disbelief and terror!

The whole episode was completely packed with tension, action and humour all in perfect balance. I have to say it was one of my favourite episodes so far even though we did not get to see anything of Hera and Sabine. The timing of the editing of the soundtrack was impeccable again and the smoothness of the animation seemed to have really improved. It is becoming visible we are in season 2 and more focus is put on animating lightsaber duels which seem to really have a much better flow and much more detail than at the beginning of season 2 and all of season 1. I found it slightly disappointing we are seeing very little of Hera and Sabine as it looks that next week we will again focus on Ezra. However the plot lines of the episodes are becoming much better and all seem to correlate more and add to the bigger plot.
Next week’s episode looks just very  promising looking at our teaser! Who else is super super excited to find our more about Ezra’s parents? Tune into our live tweet sessions every Wednesday at 9:30 EST @CloneCorridor and visit our Instagram page (@clonecorridor)



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