Weekly Round-Up

For us it’s less than 20 days to The Force Awakens and the excitement is definitely building, if that is even still possible. What’s been happening in Star Wars news?

  • TFA has a PG-13 raring in the US (The Guardian)
  • Will Luke appear in Episode VIII? (The Verge)
  • The US Navy made a parody trailer for TFA (the Chive)
  • Terrible TFA auditions include Hamm Solo (Esquire)
  • Google makes you choose a side (The Guardian)
  • Everyone is still slightly jealous of  Lee Towersey and Oliver Steeples (Wired)

We have been busy on Clone Corridor as well:

And I think we may have one of my favourite pieces of fanart ever for this week’s Fanart of the Week. I present to you the stunningness below:

It was made by Zoey Zhou, a digital artist from China. This amazing drawing incorporates some of my favourite Prequel moments as well as some badass Darth Vader action. It’s beautiful and it’s my new laptop background.


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