Anthology Films We’d Like to See #5: ‘Alderaan Reborn’

Today we’ve got another instalment of Anthology Films We’d Like to See, this time from The Lady from Planet X, go check our her blog where she writes about TV shows, books and, of course, Star Wars. This one is about one of my favourite planets, Alderaan, and it not only focuses on a generation even further removed than the one we’re seeing now in the Sequels. It also works on the basis of the old Expanded Universe, which is fun, and I love the idea of a healer, rather than a warrior, a a hero. The story is also partially based on the Starkiller action-figure below.

Alderaan Reborn
The Lady from Planet X

60 years after A New Hope, Ben Skywalker’s daughter and Luke Skywalker’s granddaughter, Nehmiah is following in her father, grandfather and great grandfather’s footsteps as a Jedi Knight. She has Luke’s sandy-colored hair and Padme’s brown eyes and she carries a blue lightsaber as her weapon of choice. However her gifts lies in planet ecology: she likes to study planetary environments, especially when it comes to healing planets damaged by warfare. Her uniform of choice is a purple and brown jumpsuit with a moisture pack and breathing apparatus for any harsh environment.

Nehemiah has heard family stories about the destruction of Alderaan. She recalls how tears would form in Great Aunt Leia’s eyes when she talked about the lost beauty of her home planet and her beloved family.
Nehemiah decides to travel to what remains of Alderaan and takes a floating shard back to Yavin 4 for study. To her surprise she learns that the shard still contains nutrients sufficient to make the planet “heal” itself slowly. What if Alderaan could come back to life?

Nehemiah decides to investigate further and discovers in the Jedi library two interesting events: the tech hating Yuuzhan Vong bred a unique species of “earthworm” that could terraform any dirt, sand or rock into new formations. This made it easier for the Vong to travel during wartime and cross any terrain that would’ve slowed down an army a day. Is it possible that if she got a hold of these worms she could, with the help of the Force, “rebuild” Alderaan? And what about extinct Alderaanian wildlife? She had once heard legends about a sith named Darth Plagueis who was able to manipulate midi-chloreans to create life. Wasn’t that how her great-grandfather was conceived? Could she learn this dark art form so that she could create the animals to balance out this fragile ecosystem? And is it possible to learn this power without turning to the dark side?

10 thoughts on “Anthology Films We’d Like to See #5: ‘Alderaan Reborn’

      1. maybe have plagueis be there…i mean you want to complete the outline since this is an interesting story(i feel i wouldn’t be doing the story justice). anyway have to seen Stevens the noble warrior anthology idea its on this site want to check it out?


      2. I have a new idea: every year there are descendants of Alderaanian survivors who return by ship to the shattered planet and hold “mourning ceremonies” for lost lives. The planet has become sacred to these people. They are willing to help Nehemiah with her goal, including espionage, to get that information about the midi-chloreans to the point of fanaticism. However, there is another group of Alderaanian survivors who feel that the dead should rest in peace and that the children of Alderaan should move on with their lives. Fights break out between both parties and Nehemiah, with the help of her father, has to play the mediator. One day, a mysterious figure from the pro-Alderaan side gives her a holocron with Plagueis’ instructions…


  1. This is something that axtually sounds interesting and could make for a good movie. And definitely should leave in the EU elements because it gives you more stuff to play with and draw from.


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