Review: Star Wars Rebels – ‘Stealth Strike’

We had another amazing episode delivered to us this week but before we continue let me warn you this review will contain spoilers so I advice you watch the episode before continuing. Now that you have been warned let’s dive into this week’s episode where Rex and Kanan go undercover as storm troopers and start to really work together.

Throughout this season we have seen that Kanan and Rex have had a very difficult way of dealing not just with each other but also the rest of the crew. Both think they have the best way of training Ezra and while it is clear Ezra is trained by Kanan, Rex likes to step in sometimes (naturally annoying Kanan). This episode was a good opportunity for the both of them to settle their issues and focus on the rescue mission of Ezra and commander Sato, although it has to be said Ezra really didn’t need a lot of help.

Ezra and commander Sato are star-wars-rebels-stealth-strike-rebels-recontaken captive by the empire who know Ezra has been using the Hutt name as a cover. Ezra tells commander Sato to focus on himself and he will find a way to rescue himself, however Sato seems to doubt this very much. We have seen that Ezra has been developing his skills with a lightsaber and his use of the force throughout the season and it seems that even Agent Kallus now knows how much of a threat he is. This is a big difference from the beginning of season 1 where Ezra was often over confident and therefore under estimated by others as he seemed more immature. The  episode beautifully showed off how skilled Ezra has become but also can show control in multiple scenes. He frees himself from the stormtroopers (in the meanwhile shooting Kanan and Rex without knowing) by making swift decisions and quick moves. This really showed how much he has matured as a learning padawan as he used to make reckless moves without considering the consequences of them. His mind seems to have developed a broader understanding of his surroundings and he seems to be able to read situations quicker and act appropriately. We also saw Ezra and Chopper working together again which always creates a few scenes of great humour and tactics.

untitledRex and Kanan team up to save commander Sato (seeing how Ezra really needs no help) and disguise themselves as stormtroopers. Both still  have trouble working together and communicating which seems to stem mostly from Kanan’s insecurities about Rex. He mentions that he cannot trust him as he doesn’t know whether Rex will stay on their side if it comes to a confrontation. This was a very important scene as it really glued all the fighting together to one cause. However faced with many difficulties they start to work together which really was great fun to see (not just by us but also Ezra who seems relieved the fighting is coming to an end). It was nice to see some Jedi and Trooper action again which we had seen in the prequel trilogy. Rex however gets captured by the Empire and is taken away to be ‘terminated’. Rex states in this scene that he will always be ‘loyal to the republic not the empire’. Kanan hears Rex shouting in the distance and tells Ezra to run back to the ship as he has to ‘save a friend’. This really made all the difference in their relationship as they have realized what a good team they make when they do work together. He rescues Rex and they escape using an escape pod.

Chopper (once again) saves the day by messing with the gravity pull system causing the self destruction of the fleet of the empire. At the end of the episode we see Kanan and Rex saluting eachother soldier to soldier which really signified the end of their dispute and beginning of a great alliance and friendship.

Overall the episode was very tension packed and had many references to both the original and prequel trilogies. It was great to really see Ezra fend completely for himself with his lightsaber and use more of the Force. It is great that Rex and Kanan have overcome their disputes and can finally start working together. Both had some significant moments in the episode which really showed more of their characters. We learned especially more about Rex as he felt more comfortable in this situation and mentions him and Cody really developed the security profiles (which will also really help the Rebels team later on). What did you think of the episode and are you excited for next week where we will learn much more about Ashoka and Darth Vader?

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