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Spoiler Warning: Episode VIII set sightings & fresh cast rumour

We want to share some tidbits of Episode VIII with you that reached us through our Bothan Spy Network. Please do not read on if you don’t want to run any risk of hearing anything unofficial or anything of spoilerish nature regarding Episode VIII. We consider the source that brought us this information very reliable, although not a ‘deep insider’. Let’s say, Clone Corridor just happened to have an ear in the right place at the right time and was coincidentally looking down the right alley. We would like to make clear that we received this information across several sources, however none of them involving Lucasfilm staff or staff working on the sets or with the named actors. Liek we said, we just happened to have a pair of ears & eyes at the right place at the right time, by pure coincidence. We hope you will enjoy our small report on what we were told!

Cast Rumour

Our source informed us that Geraldine James has been cast for Episode VIII Geraldine_Jamesand that she will be traveling to Spain in the near future for Episode VIII shooting! The information regarding this was picked up by our agent who overheard a conversation that involved the actress herself making these statements with another person in a public space. We cannot independently confirm that this conversation indeed took place, however our agent has neither a stake in Star Wars (actually our agent is not even a Star Wars fan) nor was this information traded for with anything else.

Set Rumours

The same sources revealed that they had seen a ‘Tatooine set’ being in construction at Pinewood Studios. That this was most likely a Tatooine set was deduced from their descriptions and the likeness of their descriptions with elements of the Mos Eisley and Mos Espa sets. Given the likeness however of elements of those sets with the Jakku set from The Force Awakens, it is possible that we are actually talking about a Jakku set. Either way, it seems very likely that either Rogue One, or more likely Episode VIII will see a return to Tatooine and/or Jakku.

In the same conversation it was also revealed to us that a new set featuring the Millennium Falcon is also nearly completed. It was actually this piece of information that convinced us we are talking about Episode VIII work rather than about Rogue One sets.

Monster Rumour

Finally our source was able to glimpse a model of a long-necked monster being worked on in the Pinewood Studios as well. The glance was to brief to reveal any details that would allow an identification of the monster as one of the more well-known Star Wars creatures. As a result we cannot be sure as how to allocate this sighting to a specific Star Wars film.


Evidently these reports are unconfirmed and we have not, and will not, ask Lucasfilm for confirmation. We decided to share this information with you becayuse we are very excited about The Force Awakens and the upcoming Star Wars films and we are confident that rumours such as these do not represent destructive spoilers but rather are entertaining and tantalizing hints of what is to come and serve to raise anticipation.

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