Weekly Round-Up

So, The Force Awakens is less than two weeks away which is ridiculous. Maybe if we keep thinking it’s really far away time will fly even faster!

  • The story of R2-KT is a heartbreaking one (Evening Standard)
  • Gwendoline Christie looks stunning in Phasma-inspired dress (Vanity Fair)
  • The Force Awakens will have a cantina scene! (Telegraph)
  • Carrie Fisher felt pressure to lose weight – who do I complain to about this? (Independent)
  • More amazing Phasma news (Comic Book Resources)
  • Now I know there’s Star Wars ice cream I really wan Star Wars ice cream (ABC)


Clone Corridor had a pretty spectacular week, on the one hand we landed a scoop on Friday with a source revealing to us Geraldine James being cast in Episode VIII! With over 5000 views in one day we broke pretty much all our stat records! And on Sunday we posted an interesting look ahead to TFA with Star Wars: Rebels concept-artist Douglas Lovelace.

And it’s time for our Fanart of the Week. I’m a bit of a sucker for classic art (I love going to picture galleries!) so when I saw this beautiful combination of Star Wars and Johannes Vermeer and knew I had to share it. I give you Twi’lek witha  Pearl Earling by Magdalena Zagórna, or Odrobinka on DeviantArt.

Not only is this an amazing drawing in and of itself, but I love the way Odrobinka has combined some of the original drawing’s features and made them Star Wars. The earing isn’t just an earring, it feels much more appropriate to a Twi-lek.

That is us for this week. I hope you’ve all had a good week as well 🙂


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