Weekly Round-Up

It’s been quite an eventful week in the Star Wars fandom, so let’s get right into the news of this week.

  • Yup, Han Solo drama! Check out our post about it if you want to know more (Clone Corridor)
  • Trevorrow continues to worry people (Hypable)
  • I’m adding ‘Looking for Leia’ to my Must Watch-list as we speak (CNET)
  • REJOICE;  Rogue One is coming to Netflix! (ComicBook)
  • Will the biggest plot hole of The Force Awakens finally be filled? (Business Insider)
  • I love Ron Howard, I do! (Variety)
  • Mark Hamill is FINALLY getting a Star on the Walk of Fame (Screen Rant)
  • Star Wars bar is the only reason I want to go to Hollywood (Hollywood Reporter)

So much for this week’s news, but I also want to bring attention to another reason why I love Ron Howard, which Thomas Storai brought to my attention:

We need more Jake Lloyd love and less high and mighty critics bullying children. This has been a PSA announcement. And now onto the reason you’re really here…

Fanart of the Week

This week I decided to feature some absolutely stunning artwork of my favourite Mandalorian! I present to you, Sabine Wren – Moonlight Contemplation by Cynder Mizuki!

Aside from being beautiful, I also wanted to show this one because the artist uploaded an earlier version of the art as well, before finding the style that suited them most.

January vs. June.

Finding your true definitive style really does wonders.

Literally all it took was me trying a different tool for lineart and that was that, everything else just fell into place. (Tumblr)

I love seeing how artists work with different mediums or programs until they find the style that they prefer, the progress they make and the changes artwork undergoes. It’s all part of the progress, but it’s also something we don’t always get to see, so I love it when artists do show us. It’s easy to forget sometimes just how much work and dedication goes into creating fanart, or any kind of art really. So, enough of me and go check out more of Cynder Mizuki’s work, either on Tumblr, DeviantArt or purchase art on RedBubble!

As always,


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