A closer look at the Rogue One trailer

So the whole Star Wars community has been turned upside down once again as we have just been surprised with the Rogue One teaser trailer! If you have not seen it yet click here to watch it! This won’t be an in depth review however it will contain spoilers so if you haven’t seen it yet or do not want to hear any possible theories now might be a time to click away.


a picture of Jan Ors in Jedi Outcast. Anyone else see any resemblances?

There are already quite a few reactions to the new trailer and most really seem to be positive. There’s an overall consensus that the trailer really has a Star Warsy feel to it and brings back a lot of the classic things we love about Star Wars. Let’s start off with Felicity Jones. She is clearly the leading woman in the film portraying the character Jyn Ersa. Something we noticed is that the name strongly resembles Jan Ors who makes an appearance in the game Jedi Outcast as Kyle Katarn’s girlfriend. Could there be a possible link here?

We immediately hear quite a lot about her background and lifestyle before joining the rebellion. It seems she was always meant to be in the rebellion as we hear a list of past offenses including assaults, forgery and multiple arrests (therefore she really is perfect for the rebellion, anyone else getting some Han Solo vibes?). We also hear she has been on her own since the age of 15 which closely resembles Rey in The Force Awakens who had also been abandoned as a child. Her character comes across very confident in the trailer and also seems to be trained in combat as we see her kick some ass in some shots, showing she is definitely not new to this kind of lifestyle. This raises the question who trained her and told her about the rebellion and how to join them?

rogue-one-star-wars-trailer-donnie-yen-stormtroopers.jpgWe are shown how Mon Mothma is recruiting people for the rebellion and the mission to steal the plans of the Death Star. We are introduced to Diego Luna however are not told anything about his character yet or even his name. He seems to play an important part however as he is seen at Felicity’s side in most shots of the trailer. It was made clear that the film would focus more on the rebellion and not the Jedi which means the whole film will have a very different action vibe which I am very excited for! We can expect less lightsaber fights and more one on one combat. It seems it will include some martial arts as well as Donnie Yen makes an appearance in the trailer and seems to kicking some storm trooper butt.

star-wars-rogue-one-trailer-ben-mendelsohnNow something that there is a lot of buzz about and there are many many theories. Who is the mysterious man in the quite fabulous white cloak? We know he is played by Ben Thrawn-SWMMendelsohn and here is our theory.  In the first shot that we see of him  (which is also shown above) his uniform rather resembles that of Admiral Thrawn. He is a character of the Thrawn Trilogy and can be seen wearing the almost exact same uniform. Now this might not be the exact same character (as we are in fact missing the blueness in his face) but there has definitely been some inspiration taken from the costume of Admiral Thrawn. Both unforms are white with some kind of jacket/cape and seem to have the same coloured tags on the left of the chest. So how could they be related and is it something that will be addressed in the film?

Some things that are seen in the trailer really really excited me. Firstly one of the final scenes with the Imperial Walkers really, really impressed me. We hear the iconic sound they make and they looked beautifully animated. We also saw a cloaked figure kneeling in front of some kind of power core. Could this be the return of Darth Vader? And if yes will we have the please of hearing James Earl Jones’s iconic voice again or will they have chosen someone else?  I have to say the trailer is beautifully edited and both sound and film work amazingly together! I re-watched it a good number of times just because it was so gripping and exciting to the point where it made my blood rush. There really was only one slight problem in my opinion. In the final shot we see Felicity Jones turn to the camera in a full warrior suit (which looks great I have to say). However in this shot she really resembles another well known leading lady….Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. I have noticed that I am not the only one who picked this up and so I therefore hope it is just one shot in the trailer and it will be slightly different in the film.
Apart from that I have to say this trailer has definitely fuelled everyone’s excitement and since it is only the teaser trailer I am excited to see a full length trailer soon in which we will hopefully also hear more about Mads Mikkelsen’s character!
What did you guys think?




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