Weekly Round-Up

It’s been a busy few weeks, with the second season of Star Wars: Rebels coming to an end and a trailer for Rogue One being released. SO let’s see what’s been happening on the Internet:

  • In case you need a refresher on the whole saga so far, here’s the trailer for you (Radio Times)
  • Erik Bauersfeld, known for portraying Admiral Ackbar, has died (Daily Mail)
  • I really want a life-size AT-ST Walker now (The Verge)
  • Why is Frank Oz reportedly involved with EP VIII? Discuss! (The Independent)
  • J.J. explains Kylo’s table of ashes (The Independent, again)
  • The Rogue One trailed dropped and it’s full of goodness (The Guardian)

Here at Clone Corridor we’ve been trying to keep up with it all:

And now for our beloved Fanart of the Week! This time I thought we should pick something light and fun which will still tug at your heartstrings a bit. So when I found Brandon Kenney’s drawing below I knew it was the right pick:

Someone who had also shared it on Tumblr added the tagline ‘I hid under your ship because I love you.’ which I think fits both Han and BB-8 pretty well. Brandon has more amazing Star Wars art next to taking inspiration  from loads of our other favourite franchises!. Check him out on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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