Star Wars: Resistance #18 “Descent”

Star Wars: Resistance raises the stakes this episode, Kazuda gets a trial by fire … and water … and he takes a huge step forward while Tam learns an unexpected truth about her friend. Another great episode.


At the end of the last episode The First Order troopers had shown up in Yeager’s workshop to confiscate the Fireball that Kaz had used on his mission with Poe, and to arrest the Resistance spy who flew it. Screenshot (177)After some confusion inducing heroics by Bucket our friends manage a temporary escape … except Tam. While Kaz, Yeager and Niku attempt to escape from the First Order’s clutches Tam is being led away for interrogation and a First Order Security Bureau agent.

The First Order’s communication lockdown of the Colossus station is total and hence Kaz and friends seek to find a way to get a message out to the Resistance. A call for help. Niku struggles to believe Kaz is actually a Resistance spy and his humour and friendship provides for quite a few pay-offs in this episode.

Towards the finale

It is clear as the episode progresses that we are now on our way to the season finale. The growing sense of doom at the First Order’s operation intensifies. Screenshot (179)Tam, who was convinced Kaz was just another poor soul from Coruscant, now learns from the First Order interrogator that he is actually a New Republic pilot sent on a spy mission. But not only that, we as audience also learn he is actually from Hosnian Prime. This makes what is about to happen all the more dreadful.

It is so interesting to watch this unfold as we know Poe is on his way to Jakku and is perhaps right at this moment trying to escape from Kylo Ren’s assault team. Screenshot (178)Although the episode’s mission is clear: get that message to the resistance out, we in a sense already know what to expect. The Resistance will not be able to help, tied up as they are in the unfolding drama of The Force Awakens.

Kaz’s mission

But where you might expect that to be a problem for Resistance and for this episode it is actually a blessing. Kaz conceives a crazy plan to disrupt the First Order’s communications lock down and get Captain Dosa, the station’s commander, to take his side against the First Order. This nicely explains why none of the Star Wars: Resistance core baddies, such as Captain Pyre, show up in The Force Awakens. The end of this episode leaves no doubt that they will be otherwise engaged during that same time-frame.

It adds a whole new layer of in-universe reality knowing that The First Order is active on several fronts.Screenshot (184) Just like it adds drama knowing that Kaz is going to face catastrophically bad news soon. It makes his connection with Leia all the more meaningful however. But what it does above all, especially after also Yeager gets arrested in this episode … it puts Kaz into a position where he needs to take a leadership role.

It is actually well done in this episode how Kaz grows into that role towards the end. When Leia sends the disappointing message that The Resistance cannot come to their aid, Kaz rises to the challenge. It holds great promise for the season finale but it also add to my suspicion that  Laz might very well play a role, even just as a cameo, in Episode IX.

Screenshot (185)

Look forward

We leave our friends in a situation that is more dire than where we found them in this episode. But at the same time Kaz has made an important step forward in his arc.Screenshot (188) The use of the symbolic element of water as a means to highlight his transition was a great find. It allows for subtle changes to his animation, hairstyle and facial expression that give the final few scenes additional weight.

The mood is sombre and we know it is going to be hard for this season to end on anything other than a cataclysmic note. It is darkly poetic that Kaz sends out a call for help that get received by Leia … and turned down. Foreshadowing her own call for help at the end of The Last Jedi that suffers a similar fate.

Remember that in The Last Jedi the Resistance communications reported that Leia’s call was received but no one answered. Screenshot (191)Well, I guess we will find out in the Season’s finale that, perhaps amongst many others, it was Kaz and crew who received it but were unable to answer as they had a battle of their own to fight first.

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