Clone Wars Saved

Is there any way to start this article without saying the words;


I didn’t think so either. As a fandom we were just treated to an absolutely amazing new trailer for a new clone wars series. I am still absolutely gobsmacked and impressed as to how they managed to keep this as a complete secret to all of us. It seems like as a fandom we managed to really get these final episodes produced and as the final title in the trailer states; to save the clone wars!

So what were we treated to? Let’s have a little look at that amazing trailer. Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen it yet have a look right now Here and then come back to us to brainstorm together!

The trailer starts with an absolutely amazing opening shot of rows upon rows 501D449C-F632-470D-B9AD-9C14AE2EE73Fof clone helmets. My initial thoughts were that this new series would focus solely on the clones since their story lines became more and more prominent towards the end of the final season and also seemed to be loved by all the fans! After watching the whole trailer it is clear that the series’ main focus might still be on our other main characters but choosing this as an opening shot insinuates that we will get much more clone action in this upcoming season. This is something Star Wars has been incorporating more and more as the clones also had a prominent storyline in Rebels.

”My blood is boiling for a fight” ~ Rex

There is a clear voice over of all the clones introducing themselves and clearly getting ready for a fight, all led by our favourite; Rex.

The screen cuts to black and we see some absolutely phenomenal animation and a scene of the clones getting ready and 9D400BD3-A60D-4272-942C-DEC0B8A70B42being led by none other than Anakin Skywalker. This shot made it clear that he series does not pick up immediately where it left off as we can see skywalker has aged a bit and his hair has grown longer, which makes me think we are much closer to the start of Revenge of the Sith.

And then when we think we have seen it all ( as at this point we have seen the Star Wars logo ) the trailer cuts to a shot of Skywalker and Kenobi walking into a room together. Skywalker States; “alright Rex what’s so important that you brought us back all the way over here” and truly this is where my heart completely dropped and from this picture it seems so did Anakins


This is the exact moment a master and Padawan are reunited. The look on Anakins face really says it all in this  moment where he sees his lost Padawan again D2203AC2-0976-49DA-BB23-7D05AD1B4BC2for the first time (we assume). I can’t help but wonder how much this reunion impacts him and how much it plays on his mind during the events that follow in ROTS. Not only are we treated to seeing Ahsoka again it seems she is standing next to none other than Bo Katan! This must also have been a surprise to Obi-Wan as she of course is Satine’s sister, so is this something that they will explore further as well and will we get to see an intimate moment between the two? The real question is what part will the two of them play in , what seems to be, these final few moments of the clone wars before ROTS?

So what do we all think? Will the relationship between Anakin and Ahsoka be the main storyline during these next few episodes? Will the series continue right up until the start of revenge of the sith? I can honestly say I have not been this excited about a new starwars project since the start of the first clone wars series (that’s right! I’m more excited about this than I was about the new trilogy! ). We have all been wondering what the path of Ahsoka looked like after her departure of the order and it seems we will finally get answers and gaps filled between the clone wars and rebels! Will we see more of the clones slowly defecting as we started to in season 5/6? Let us know what you are looking forward to in the next series and what you think all of these moments mean.


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