Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer

So another Rogue One trailer just dropped…STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH IT RIGHT AWAY HERE! As soon as this trailer dropped I think we all kind of lost our minds a little bit and weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves now that we have so much new information. So seeing how our minds have been warped into Star Wars mode let’s have a closer look at this trailer and see what we can pull from it. If you wish to stay completely spoiler free for the film I would advise you not to read this article and really to not watch the trailer however I love guessing what I can expect from a film so let’s start!

rogue-one-a-star-wars-story-trailer-3-young-jyn-hidingThe trailer starts by showing us more of a much younger Jyn. It immediately provides us really with the entire set up of the film which is that Jyn’s father played by Mads Mikkelsen is captured by the Empire and is involved in the formation of the Death Star. Now exactly what role he plays is still unclear. We do not know whether he is the one who really came up with the whole design, whether he designed just one of the fundamental parts of whether there was a whole team he was part of. We see him transported to a prison which seems to similar to not be the Spire on Stygeon Prime. We have been here before on multiple occasions. It is the same prison Maul is held in during the Clone Wars which is shown in the comic books that came out. We have also been here in season 1 of Rebels when the Ghost crew sets out to save Luminara. This just gives us a bit more of an idea where in the Galaxy we are but also where we could see possible overlaps with Star Wars Rebels. Will the Ghost Crew make an appearance here and help locate Jyn’s father?

Next up we saw Jyn held in what looked like a small local cell which just again reinforces some of her characteristics and would suggest she is (even if just slightly) known by the Empire as some sort of trouble maker. She seems to almost be ‘freed’ by the Rebellion however of course realizes this is no coincidence. From this trailer I have to admit I get the sense that her joining the rebellion really is NOT voluntary at first but necessary as they need her to locate Galen. However it seems the more she finds out the more willing she is and by the time they set out it seems she is just as if not more motivated than the rest.

“We have hope, Rebellions are build on hope”

We finally got to hear Krennic speak and from even just the limited words we hear it seems he has absolutely no doubt that the Empire is stronger than ever before. He immediately makes the impression that he most definitely knows what he is doing and has no mercy towards anyone who disagrees with his methods. This could be a setup to possible conflict between him and Darth Vader (just like we saw in TFA between Hux and Kylo Ren ) as both try to be the leading force in the Empire.

star-wars-rogue-one-trailer-2-vader.jpgAnd then it happened. WE GOT ANOTHER DARTH VADER SHOT! Now in this shot in the trailer Darth Vader walks very ‘energetically’ towards Krennic. It was the kind of energy I am really hoping to see since it would be amazing to see a badass Darth Vader and find out what happened to weaken him so much just before A New Hope. Really the whole second half of the trailer was just a rollercoaster of emotions and lots of screaming. It was beautifully edited and adding in this shot of Darth Vader really set the tone for what is to happen and of course excited everyone even more (if that was even possible)

ZCysoI0.pngSome other things to mention about the trailer are the just amazing visuals we are treated to! It seems the visual effects team really has been working their butts of and it is paying off! Every single shot looked stunning, full of colour and reminded us quite a lot of the Prequels. Some of the wideshots really seemed to have some similarities which really excited me. This beautiful shot seems to be on Jedha and it looks like we are seeing a Jedi Knight holding out his lightsaber (who could it be?!)

So now that I am freaking out only slightly less because I have had some time to analyze it is time to hear your ideas and suggestions! What did you guys all think of the trailer and what excited you the most? Any other suggestions or ideas on the plot line of the film?
I look forward to seeing all of you stream into cinemas in December!

“Save the Rebellion, Save the Dream!”


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