Star Wars Land

Weekly Round-Up

It’s Sunday, another week has passed and we’re another week closer to Rebels S2 and The Force Awakens. It’s starting to feel a little bit unreal that the Sequel trilogy is so close to rocking our worlds. But let’s see what’s been happening in Star Wars news this week:

  • Apparently we have nothing except the highest expectations of TFA (The Guardian)
  • Kathleen Kennedy highlights the generational aspect of the SW saga (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • We’re all still freaking out about Star Wars Land (LA Times)
  • The character behind our favourite catchphrase is returning! (ScreenCrush)
  • Is EPVIII giving us more female protagonists? (TechTimes)
  • New Rebels character revealed! (IGN)

And what’s been happening on Clone Corridor?

See you all tomorrow for a new week!


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