Seventh Sister

Corridor Chat: Sarah Michelle Gellar will stir up the Rebels

As we get closer and closer to the return of Star Wars: Rebels more and more clips and news is being released, seemingly every day. One of the biggest things to have come out so far is today’s news about Sarah Michelle Gellar’s mysterious character on Rebels! From the moment Sarah’s involvement was announced speculation was rampant about who her character would be, with rumours ranging from her playing Ezra’s mother to Princess Leia making a cartoon appearance. But now we know!

Buzzfeed exclusively released that Gellar will be playing the female Inquistor we have been teased with so much, called the Seventh Sister. Could that name be more mysterious? Jason Isaacs voiced the Inquisitor in Season 1, who was apparently the “Grand” Inquistor whose minions are now chasing not only the Rebels but also Ahsoka Tano. In the Buzzfeed video below Sarah hints that, despite being the Seventh Sister she is really number one. Playing ‘cat and mouse’ with Kanan, we’ll probably see the Seventh Sister stir up some major trouble for him and the other members of the Ghost crew.

I loved Sarah’s passion and happiness for Star Wars in the video as well as her commitment to her character. I can imagine that the Seventh Sister might be able to fill the evil badass woman-shaped hole in our hearts since Asajj Ventress disappeared of our screens. The Seventh Sister looks ferocious, capable and sassy. She’s practically already a favourite. The whole Sisters and Brothers-theme is only adding fuel to the fire that is the rumour that the Inquisitors are the origin for the Knights of Ren and their already famous disciple Kylo in The Force Awakens. It would be great to see all these kind of links between the Prequel, Originals and Sequel era be built up to truly create one all encompassing saga with a continuous story.

How do you feel about the Seventh Sister?

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