UCL Economics’ Star Wars Workshop #0: Ready, Set, Go!

Already a few weeks ago we announced that this series of workshops was going to take place. Now we are about a week away from the first workshop and as interest in it is mounting, leading to a move to a significantly larger classroom, I would like to report a little on how Clone Corridor will be reporting on this series. First some basics!

University_College_London_logo.svgThe Economics Department at University College London hosts the workshops and will also tweet about in their twitter-feed @EconUCL but neither is it an ‘Economics class’ nor is there any kind of prerequisite for participating. Participation is possible for locals by signing up locally and attending either occasionally or by attending all sessions and submitting some ‘coursework’ as ‘certificate participants’. For everybody else participation will be possible through Clone Corridor by reading and commenting on posts that originate from the workshops and by watching and commenting on videos that will be posted. The intent will be that these online offerings will be as close to ‘live’ as possible so that your responses on one week’s workshop could be picked up by the participants in class for discussion in next week’s workshop.


Every workshop will produce a set of ‘lecture notes’ that will be published here on Clone Corridor on the go. Similarly, the best pieces of coursework submitted by ‘certificate participants’ will also be showcased on Clone Corridor with the author’s consent. Edited video-recordings of the workshop will finally also be available and everything together should allow you to get a really good idea of what is going on and hopefully will be an enjoyable way to spend some time here.

Preview of the First Workshop

The first workshop will take place on Wednesday October the 7th from 4h pm to 6h pm. The first online materials coming from that class should emerge here within 24 to 48 hours after that workshop. The topic of that first workshop will be The Six Star Wars films and their Times.The workshop will cover some of the themes also raised in earlier Clone Corridor posts on the Prequel Trilogy, the Original Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy.

However this first workshop will be used also as a point of entry for any participant whose knowledge of Star Wars is typical hear-say perceptions rather than the result of lots of watching, reading and analyzing. So we will briefly look at some aspects of the film-making, the critical and public receptions of the films as well as the personal responses of people to Star Wars.

Updated weekly programme

[01] The Six Star Wars films and their Times

[02] The narrative structure & the Ring Theory

[03] A Galactic Economy: Trading Federations, Banking Clans and the Economics of Spacetravel

[04] Power in the Galaxy: Republic, Empire and the Underworld

[05] Justice & Peace: Peacekeepers, Death Stars, Pirates & Bounty Hunters

[06] Identity and Individualism: Clones, Stormtroopers & Slavery

[07] Religion: Dark & Light, Jedi & Sith

[08] Technology & Nature: Ewoks, Gungans & the ‘nobel savage’

[09] The female core of Star Wars: Padme, Ahsoka, Leia & Rey

[10] Choice & Ethics: Transformations of Skywalker

The workshops will not so much consist of long hours of endless lecturing but rather by an interactive collective exploration of this vast universe of stories, motives, themes and issues. In the comment sections on the online material we will maintain a strict policy of not allowing for any behaviour that would get you expelled from a face-to-face class.


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