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Corridor Chat: Geeking Out over Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures

Although we try very hard to write seriously about Star Wars here at Clone Corridor, sometimes you just have to take a moment and fan out a little bit. On May 5th Disney Infinity announced its new instalment focusing on Star Wars, all of Star Wars.

“Star Wars is a cross-generational franchise, and Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition creates an incredible opportunity for families and fans to relive their favorite Star Wars moments,” said John Blackburn, senior vice president and general manager of Disney Infinity. – Star Wars

As with the other two instalments little figures of the play characters are available and this is what has me constantly trying to resist temptation. So far three sets of story-lines are available, accompanied by three sets of amazing figures. Aside from loving the focus on Prequel-era characters Disney 3.0 also has a stronger emphasis on female characters which includes some of my favourites. So let’s have a look below and be happy about them!

They did an amazing job with the visuals of these Prequel-era characters, which really seem to capture some of the characteristics of the characters in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Anakin’s heroic stance, Darth Maul’s palpable anger, Ahsoka’s sassy confidence and Obi-Wan flair for dramatic stances, all of it feels reminiscent from the show. Also interesting is how the key characters they have chosen are all Force-users and all closely related to the core-issues of the whole Prequel trilogy. Some of the most recognizable conflicts and relationships in the Prequel-era are presented here, which is the kind of fan-service I approve of. Personally my favourite figure is Ahsoka Tano, with her assertive and powerful stance.

I was ecstatic to hear that Star Wars: Rebels characters would also be a part of the Disney Infinity instalments. They are drawing in a whole new audience, introducing young boys and girls to the Star Wars universe through these new characters. I’m glad that in the selection they chose to again incorporate a non-human character and a female character, keeping the diversity going. Each of the characters is once again posed in a way that really fits and feels authentic. Who wouldn’t want to have these on their shelves? Whereas the first set of characters had costumes which were relatively identical (apart from Ahsoka), all the figures here are incredibly intricately designed. The eye for detail is pretty astonishing and I’m desperate to have a Sabine figure soon.

Disney Infinity's Version Of The Original Star Wars Trilogy Is Way Different

And then there are, of course, the Original trilogy characters. Aside from some small grumblings over the storyline which arguably does delineate from the OT films a lot, it has me just as excited as the other two sets. I love the suave, ‘Flynn Ryder’-smirk that Han Solo has going on, the pretty that they put into Luke Skywalker and the sass in Princess Leia’s expression is enough to end a fangirl. Chewbacca. I am also very glad about Princess Leia’s outfit which is a great riff on her dress in A New Hope. Jeff Bunker also had some great comments about her:

In the case of Leia, she’s a feminist, she’s powerful in that universe. She ends up being the head of government, she’s taking command through most of those movies so it was important that she doesn’t look sultry or sexy but that she looks in command and in control.’ – Jeff Bunker

And this isn’t the end! Soon we’ll have equally adorable and spot-on figures of Rey and Finn and will be able to play out The Force Awakened-inspired stories. Which one is your favourite? And have you bought one of these figures for yourself?

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