Weekly Round-Up

We missed out on doing one of these last week because life got a little bit busy, but to make up for it we now have two weeks worth of our posts to link to you! But first, what has been happening in the news?

  • Making Star Wars finally has rumours about Max von Sydow (Comic Book)
  • Take a trip around Jakku and don’t forget to send us a card (Speakeasy)
  • Gwendoline Christie discussed Captain Phasma, is still awesome (Star Wars Underworld)
  • John Boyega responded to the TFA script as we all would’ve (Alt Press)
  • Anthony Daniels continues to talk (The Week)
  • Could Disney be bringing out the unaltered OT editions? (Forbes)
  • And are there going to be Ultimate Editions of the soundtracks?! (IGN)

So what happened on Clone Corridor the last two week?

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