My Star Wars Moment #10: My Star Wars Weekend

We’ve got another My Star Wars Moment for you and this is our tenth one! I can’t believe we’ve been able to share so many amazing fan memories with you guys already and there will be plenty more, I promise! This one gives a great look at the joy to be had at the Star Wars Weekends as hosted by Disney and has a lovely shout-out to Ashley Eckstein as well. This Moment comes from Star Wars Style, a Tumblr-blog I absolutely love visiting! I love the fanart and sketches she finds as well as the way she combines outfits with Star Wars characters! 
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My Star Wars Weekend

by Star Wars Style

My Star Wars Moment has to be going to Star Wars Weekend this past summer with my dad.  My dad and I are the resident Star Wars nerds of our family and he was the one who showed me all of the Star Wars movies when I was young. So with a new Star Wars movie on the horizon, my dad bought us tickets to go to the Galactic Gathering and Week 1 of Star Wars Weekends.

After arriving in Orlando and finding our way to our hotel room, we headed over to Downtown Disney to go eat and start our Star Wars vacation. We looked over cool Lego sets, bought Princess Leia ears, and hunted down the lone Star Wars prop we could find in Planet Hollywood. Now exhausted and knowing we’d have to get up early for the Galactic Gathering, we headed back to our hotel room.

The next day was the Galactic Gathering, a preview event for all the merchandise available during Star Wars Weekends with a visit from Ashley Eckstein. We snacked on Jabba the Cupcake and laughed over the names of the drinks (Alderaan Explosion anyone?).  We then rode Star Tours way too many times and tried to figure out how we jumped from the Battle Hoth to seeing General Grievous. Returning to the Darth Mall, we found out that Ashley Eckstein was also going to be doing autographs so we quickly got in line to wait. Or rather I waited in line, while I sent my dad out to get us something for her to sign. Despite what some might think, waiting in that line was one of my best experiences of the weekend. I got to talk to fans from all ages and never once had to deal with fans that didn’t think I was a ‘true’ fan. Then I met and talked to the amazing Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano and the creator of one of the coolest fashion lines out there-Her Universe. After getting her autograph, we headed back to our hotel room so we could be well rested for our last day at Star Wars Weekends.

Waking up early so we could arrive at the park early, I had to hurry to put on my X-Wing Pilot costume.  We visited the Darth Mall one last time and I finally caved and bought the double bladed lightsaber that I had been wanting. Now properly accessorized, we made our way through Disney, making sure to pose and have fun on our way to the various rides. We visited Queen Amidala, who thanked me for my service to the Galaxy, and had a lightsaber duel, which my dad won (due to his unfair advantage of being a fencer).  Soon it was coming time for us to leave but we had one last thing we wanted to do: the Parade. Finding good spots by the stage we got to see all the stars who had come for Star Wars Weekends and the wonderful parade that the 501st and Rebel Legion put on.  Then we headed home happy with the time we spent getting as close as we could to a galaxy far, far away.

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