Star Wars: Rebels – ‘The forgotten droid’ Review

Hello readers, we have been quite behind with our Star Wars Rebels Reviews but I thought it was a good time to start again. It has indeed been quite hectic but I have finally found some time to write up a nice review of our newest episode. This will contain spoilers so If you have not seen the episode yet do not continue reading this.

We have received an episode completely focused on one of our favourite droids: Chopper. I have seen that there is a lot of anger towards this decision (which I think is mainly due to the exciting main story line we have got going this season) but I honestly did not mind it. I have always liked the character of chopper, mainly due to the amount of sass this little in him.

REB_IA_14443This sass is once again shown off perfectly in this episode as Chopper follows his own mission to buy (or ultimately steal) a replacement leg for himself. While the little droid is busy talking to the Ugnaught about his leg he sees the Ghost fly away. I thought this was quite a beautiful moment as we always see Chopper get into a fit in a situation that doesn’t go quite to plan but he really did seem quite astonished that they had left him. It was a nice way of showing the impact this fact had on Chopper however brought us back to reality quickly as the Ugnaught chased him and chopper ran off with the leg.

The_Forgotten_Droid_09This is where we are introduced to AP-5 as Chopper has managed to get himself on what appears to be an imperial cargo ship (I don’t recall it being mentioned clearly in the episode). I thought the two droids had a really nice dynamic bouncing off of each other. I thought it was pretty clear that AP-5 would help Chopper but thought it was very nice how this situation was set up. The two formed almost a comic duo but with a lot of momentum and power. There was also a really nice scene with good dialogue between the two where we finally find out more about Chopper’s past and his involvement in the Clone Wars. This is also a reason why I had no problem with Chopper getting his own episode this season, because it really is something I have been curious about since Hera started mentioning more about finding Chopper.
The two droids manage to escape the cargo ship and go to join the Rebel force, who are currently under attack by the empire but are waiting for the Ghost to come back with the fuel needed. Just after the Ghost appears, Chopper and AP-5 manage to join the force. However AP-5’s commanding officer is still on board and as he regains consciousness is determined to stop the two droids when he hears them talking to the Rebel fleet. AP-5 does his bit to try and join the Rebels by giving them new coordinates for a safe place as the intended location of the Rebels has in fact been taken by the Empire who are awaiting them there. Unfortunately while AP-5 is doing this his officer shoots him twice in really quite an emotional scene for the two droids. This led to one of our favourite ‘Chopper Fits’ who goes bonkers and repeatedly hits the imperial officer with his new leg until he no longer moves.

While all this happens we see a lot of doubt with Hera in putting not just her trust but also the fate of the entire Rebel fleet in Chopper’s hands as he always seems to be so busy with his own missions. However as the coordinates seem safe it seems as if Chopper really has redeemed himself and found his place in the Ghost team. The episode ends with us viewing the team through AP-5’s eyes who has been repaired by Sabine using spare parts from Chopper’s newly found leg. The two droids walk off while arguing which had many similarities (and references) to the beloved C3PO and R2-D2 who seemed to have the same kind off friendship.

Memorable quote of the episode:
AP-5: Why would the Rebels treat me any differently than the Empire has?
Chopper: Because you are my friend.

Overall I thought it was a really lovely episode showcasing the amazing scriptwriting this season and how much also the animation has improved since season 1. It also seems we are introduced to more and more new planets every episode which really is quite exciting.
What did you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

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