Weekly Round-Up

It’s another week gone and after we didn’t have a round up last week there’s plenty of news to get through! But first, belated happy Birthday to John Boyega!

  • The Darth Maul Fan Film that took the Internet by storm (GameSpot)
  • Some people are only now finding out Mark Hamill is a tease (Radio Times)
  • Surprising no one, Chewbacca will be in the Han Solo Prequel (IBTimes)
  • Daisy Ridley is not here for your body-shaming, thank you (Guardian)
  • Dubrovnik is an interesting EP VIII set (Metro)
  • ScreenCrush has some ideas about Dern’s role in Ep VIII (ScreenCrush)

We’ve also had some fun posts here:

And now for our Fanart of the Week. Since our eternal favourite is Rey, we’ve got a beautiful piece of art about her from Shalize! I love the details of it, her little marks in the background and then how she seems to be cradling the map to Luke Skywalker.

Rey again :)

Do you love it as well? Find more of Shalize’s art on Tumblr or on DeviantArt!


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