Weekly Round-Up

Clone Corridor has been a little bit silent since the start of January but with the release of the Star Wars: Rebels trailer we’re officially back in business! But what has been happening in Star Wars news?

  • JJ had some things to say to TFA-haters (The Independent)
  • Apparently Ep. VIII will be ‘much darker’ (MovieWeb)
  • Rejoice! Princess Leia is coming to Rebels (CNET)
  • Poe is coming to a comic book near you! (IO9)
  • TFA had more CG shots than The Phantom Menace and that’s OK (SlashFilm)
  • There’s a brilliant sounding Maz Kanata deleted scene I need to see (the Guardian)

In the last week we covered:

For out FanArt of the Week we’ve chosen something in honour of a certain badass lady coming to the small screen! I present to you this amazing drawing by Arielle Jovaline of Princess Leia!

I have a late-in-life obsession with Princess Leia. :X

I absolutely love the colouring of her hair and how she seems to be mid-motion! You can find Arielle and her amazing artwork on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. She also works on some amazing projects such as Ladies of Literature and comics.

So that was it for this week! The next will bring a new Rebels episode and more posts!


One thought on “Weekly Round-Up

  1. So TFA was praised pre-release as having more practical effects than Menace yet when it’s found out that wasn’t the case, TFA is forgiven? Give me a break. What a double standard.


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