Weekly Round-Up

We haven’t been able to post this week but hopefully we’ll be getting Star Wars: Rebels reviews up, starting next week! However, plenty has been happening in Star Wars news:

  • Kylo Ren goes Undercover on Starkiller Base (NME)
  • The Force Awakens hits 1 billion outside of America (Variety)
  • The release of EP VIII delayed till December 2017 for rewrites? (Cinema Blend)
  • John Boyega makes the Most Influental under 30 list (Sky News)
  • Idiots apparently told SW toymakers to actively exclude Rey (Hypable)
  • In other sad news: we’re not getting a Star Wars live-action show any time soon (Io9)

Our Fanart of the Week is something new: an animated image! This amazing gif-style posted for The Force Awakens was made by Brandan Ray Leathead!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… 

I love Rey’s central position, the movements of the ships and the colour combinatons! You can check out more of Brandan’s art on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Vimeo!


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