Weekly Round-Up

Yes, we missed this post last week but that was because our whole life was about Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars! We’re back now though, with some fun articles linked up and stunning fanart!

  • The Force Awakens is full of easter eggs… have you spotted all of them? (Slash Film)
  • Harrison Ford is rolling in the (deep) TFA money (Huffington Post)
  • Rian Johnson will take good care of EP VIII (Independent)
  • The Critics’ Choice breaks its own rules and nominates The Force Awakens (BBC)
  • TFA is breaking all the box office records! (Comic Book Resources)
  • Let’s get the excitement for Rogue One started! (Telegraph)

On Clone Corridor it was all about The Force Awakens as well! Here are our posts from the last two weeks:

Of course our Fanart of the Week was bound to be a The Force Awakens one and I’m sure not many of you will be surprised ither that it’s Rey. I present to you this drawing by Vicki Tsai:

vickisigh: I loved the new Star Wars! Rey and BB8 are so cute! ^O^

I love the vitality and activity of this drawing! And an upside down BB-8 is always good as well. I hope you guys have a great Christmas period, we’ll be here throughout!


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