Review: Star Wars Rebels – Brothers of the Broken Horn

This week we had an incredibly entertaining episode that featured mainly Ezra and Hondo in what I always would’ve though to be an unlikely alliance. Before continuing reading this post please do know it will contain spoilers and I would recommend watching the episode before reading the rest! Now that that’s out of the way let’s look at what this week’s episode was all about.

The episode started off showcasing more of the growing tension between Rex and Kanan which has been an ongoing issue for a few episodes now. Both seem to have their own views on how Ezra should be trained/treated and are forcing their ways on him. This is made very clear by the comment Ezra makes when he states that he’s not even sure if he wants to be a jedi anymore at this point . This is a crucial moment for Ezra and the Ghost crew as we have seen what an asset Ezra is to the team and how needed he is, and know how hurtful it would be if Ezra were to leave. Hera and Kanan are seen together again as a unity when trying to put Ezra back in his place, which unfortunately (once again) backfires and causes Ezra to choose his own mission. Wanting to do what he feels right he answers a distress call and flies off together with Chopper.

hondoThis is where we are reunited with a very beloved character from the clone wars; Hondo. Many fans noticed that Hondo’s clothing seemed to have been downgraded giving us some insight in the struggle he must’ve had in the past few years. However the tough times seemed to have had no impact on his personality as the script writers entertained us with a lot of great one liners such as; “The stories I could tell… so many of them true” and during a later encounter with Azmorigan “Let’s leave your wife out of this”. This brought a very entertaining touch to this episode which I think it desperately needed. They also reminded me a lot of the Ezra we saw closer to the beginning of season 1 but still now at times which made the friendship that formed between them much more honest and real. However not just Ezra and Hondo seemed to bond during their mini adventure. Chopper and Hondo really ‘hit it off’ and all three of them made a great team against Azmorigan and his troops. It was very fun to see how Chopper was used during all the action scenes and to be honest really saved their lives. This was a fun continuation of the growing relationship between Ezra and Chopper we had seen in the previous episode ‘Always two there are’.

chopperThis episode gave Ezra another chance to really show off his improvement in using the Force and his lightsaber as he saves Hondo from flying off into space by using a force pull. We had seen a massive improvement of his skills with a lightsaber in the previous episode but in this episode we saw that  his training has also changed his sensitivity to the force. Ezra seems to have been struggling with his identity as a Jedi and seemed to miss his old ways more in recent episodes. During this mini mission he was really able to choose another life as Hondo offers him to form a team of pirates (or ‘Jedi-pirates’ as he says) together but realizes where his true path lies. This is shown as he states at the end that he ‘used to be like Hondo’ to Kanan and seems ready to leave that behind and really dive into the Jedi ways which Kanan will teach him. It also seems like Kanan realizes that Ezra is more than a typical Jedi and has both talents in the force but also in other combat which Rex could really teach him more about. So I am basically hoping that after this episode the tension between Rex and Kanan is resolved.

The only criticism I have on not just this episode but I guess the season so far is that we have seen very little to no action from the other crew members. Ashoka Tano has really been absent almost the whole time and so have Hera and Kanan after the first 2 episodes. We saw some more action from Sabine and Seb in the previous episode but not very much. As much as I have enjoyed seeing Ezra mature and finding his ways I think it’s time to also focus on the other crew members which we have grown to love over the past season. However looking at the preview for next week’s episode it seems we will see a lot more from the whole Ghost Crew and more of the wider plot.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Anyone also hoping Hondo will come back for some future action? Tell me what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to follow our twitter and Instagram account @CloneCorridor

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