Darth Vader Battlefront

Weekly Round-Up

This week’s felt almost slow compared to last week when the new trailer came out, but loads been happening anyway!

  • Want to know Darth Vader’s Battlefront choke count? (Forbes)
  • Apparently I’m not the average Star Wars fan (Guardian)
  • The Force Awakens will have the first Captain AmericaL Civil War trailer (IGN)
  • Luke Skywalker is MIA on purpose! (io9)
  • Stephen Colbert is wrong about The Force Awakens, probably (The Mary Sue)
  • Inside Out responds to Star Wars, is adorable (IGN)

On Clone Corridor we didn’t do too bad:

Today’s Fanart of the Week is by Luke Nakasjoji over on Tumblr and is in honour of this week’s Star Wars: Rebels new character, the Seventh Sister, as played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. There’s amazing art up on the Tumblr, so definitely go check it out!

I hope you all had a good week and thanks for making October one of the best months for Clone Corridor!


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