Review: Star Wars Rebels – ‘Always Two There Are’

So, another amazing episode of Star Wars Rebels tonight. Before I dive into the breath taking and heart stopping moments let me warn that this review will contain spoilers and I would highly recommend watching the episode before reading this article!

We were teased with the appearance of a new inquisitor in the previous episode ‘Relics of the old Republic’. Well let’s say that he indeed was just as controlling and badass as we predicted. However we were not only introduced to one but two inquisitors this episode which put a very nice new (and dark) twist to the episode. Both the fifth brother and the seventh sister made their debut appearances to the rebels team. The creators of Rebels succeeded immensely this episode to create an atmosphere of complete tension and fear by having both inquisitors attack the rebels however also having their own agendas. This made it feel like there was no escaping them as they were everywhere. Let’s look at both inquisitors individually.

The Seventh Sister
sw rebelsShe made her debut appearance to Star Wars; Rebels this episode and really did not disappoint in the slightest. Sarah Michelle Gellar has done an absolute amazing job at voicing her even though the voice is slightly altered and edited in the studio. She reminded me of a mixture of Asajj Ventress and the Darth Maul portrayed in the Clone Wars series. Just as Asajj Ventress she uses her feminine and seductive side when having captured Ezra (who is clearly caught off guard) to get some of the things she wants. However just as Asajj she has amazing skills with a lightsaber which were highlighted perfectly throughout the episode especially in the attack on Sabine and Ezra. One thing which I really picked up on was the way she was animated to move. To me it seemed almost spider like however elegant at the same time which therefore reminded me of Darth Maul as he has the spider legs at the beginning of the Clone Wars. As seen in the photo she has a probe droid as a ‘pet’ which somehow just completely adds to her awesomeness and creepiness as it is so unusual. It helps her in tricky situations especially at the end of the episode when trying to stop the rebels escape and so really is part of her character. I have tried to write professionally about her but how can I when there are just such high levels of awesomeness around her. Overall I would say that her character was executed absolutely perfectly. She has the right amount ‘badass-ness’ but also seemed very clever which made the fact she was one of the inquisitors much more plausible.

The Fifth Brother

6934333f89b129a3953104bb8d5fe1The fifth brother (voiced by Philip Anthony-Rodriguez) made his debut appearance in the previous episode and immediately seemed even more intimidating than the previous inquisitor (which I had thought impossible). At the beginning of the episode him and Agent Kallus (David Oyelowo) are seen talking however the inquisitor immediately strips Agent Kallus of all power and takes charge over the upcoming mission and seems to think very highly of himself. I personally thought this perfectly suited the role of being the inquisitor. While watching him and the seventh sister ‘bicker’ over the course of the mission it was clear that he was more about direct action and less about thought through plans. I found him intimidating in a very different way to the previous inquisitor. He is clearly very skilled in the ways of the Force on the dark side and lightsaber battles and would easily over power you as he has a very strong build. However I feel like his fatal flaw might be that he is not that ‘sneaky’ and clever and so could be outsmarted in a very well thought through plan.

In the episode Ezra (Taylor Gray) and Sabine (Tiya Sircar) are captured by both inquisitors and used as bait for the others of the team, especially Ashoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) . The fact that the inquisitors know about Ashoka’s whereabouts and really just existence puts a lot of pressure onto her storyline and progression throughout the series. I personally thought this moved slightly fast as the rebels only just found out about her existence and it had been very hushed throughout the first season. It has not been explained how the empire knows of her existence which is slightly confusing however I am very excited to see how this will be explained in upcoming episodes. Zeb and chopper team up in an attempt to save both of them which made for some comical moments as Zeb (Steve Blum) has problems understanding Chopper which previously had been discussed as Ezra seemed to have less issues with this. I thought this was a very important scene in the series as previously we have seen how Zeb is willing to leave Ezra behind and does not see him as part of the team. The fact he is willing to risk his own life to save him really shows how far they have come as a team. I was personally slightly underwhelmed by the rescue mission as parts of it seemed very improbable and rushed to me however I thoroughly enjoyed to see the impact the rescue had on Zeb as they all flew off together. He seemed to be so proud and felt so good over himself which was just absolutely heart warming to see.

The episode started and ended with an argument and expression of tension. At the beginning it is shown clearly that there is some tension between Rex and Kanan as both of them seem to think they are the better teacher for Ezra. This led Ezra to following Sabine and Zeb and disobeying orders from Kanan (which did not seem to bother Ezra in the slightest) It ended with an argument between Ezra and Kanan as Ezra felt that vital information was hidden from them by Kanan which we find out was in fact not the case. Kanan expresses to Hera and the clones that he had no knowledge of the second inquisitor and apparently neither does Ashoka and looks really quite defeated. Kanan and Hera sit together with the clones and all of them seem to really form a unity as ‘protectors’ over the others however all seem very troubled. I would say the episode has ended with an intense cliff-hanger as we know now that the team is in real danger from both inquisitors and the empire and have no idea how their path will unfold after this.

Ezra seems to really become confident (and at times over confident) with who he is and what skillset he has to offer. During the entire ‘interrogation scene’ between him and the seventh sister he remained completely cool and at times was even slightly sassy which was amusing to see. This is quite different from the Ezra we saw in the first season as he seemed to have no faith in his skills at all and definitely would not have put on such a brave face in such a tricky situation. I really enjoyed seeing this as it reflects Kanan’s training but also the impact the team has on him and how much it really has become his family (as he is willing to die for them).

Overall it was an absolutely entertaining episode to watch which was thoroughly enjoyed by most fans. The setting of the entire episode was animated beautifully and the music that accompanied all scenes (including many themes from the originals) was selected perfectly. The whole season seems to be getting a very dark tone as tensions between characters are increasing and we are becoming more curious about Ashoka’s path and how the Rebels will support her and overcome their own struggles (like the inquisitors).

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  1. The inquisitors know about Ahsoka because Vader found out about her in season 2 episode 1 the siege of lothal and the emperor has the inquisitors hunt for her.


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