My Star Wars Moment #11: The Force Awakens trailer

Last week around this time everyone was trying to regain their chill, their cool and their breath after the release of the last The Force Awakens trailer. For a lot of us it was an absolutely exhilarating moment, finally seeing another saga Star Wars trailer back on our screens. I personally even sat through a whole half of an American Footbal game for this trailer and it was worth it. So I thought it would be fun to collect a couple of initial responses and remind us all, a week later, how happy the trailer made us. So check it out below and see a whole variety of people share their excitement with you! Click all the names to find these amazing people on Twitter!

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“It was touching, thrilling, altogether mind-blowing. I’m excited to see the movie.” Star Wars Brat

“I resisted watching the second trailer for months until my brother begged me to watch it. He said its not one of those trailers that gives too much, spoiling the movie. He convinced me it’d make me feel a kid again. But this trailer made me feel a kid for real. I had shivers. Real shivers at the themes swelling.” Mark Austin (oba Fett in A New Hope)

“I was amazed by the imagery of the trailer. A good mix of old and new! Even thought I’m personally into rumors and spoilers, I like that the trailer showed a lot yet tells little as to not give much of the story away.” – Mike Jones

It was the best birthday present ever!! Vanessa Marshall (Hera in Star Wars: Rebels)

“It truly was fantastic to see this new trailer, breathtaking, the visuals were mind-blowing with a feeling from both the Prequels and the Originals which is really “Star Wars DNA” (to quote JJ Abrams), there was epicness in the cinematography, it’s something that JJ does very well in his work. Opening it with Rey who seems to be the lead character of this new movie was beautiful spending these 20 seconds to introduce her. Han is my favorite character from the Original Trilogy so for me Han Solo saying “It’s true, all of it. The darkside. The Jedi. They’re real.” was really the moment that stood out and my favorite part of the trailer. This line was so powerful and I thought it really was important for Han to say it as in ANH he was the guy who didn’t believe in the Force. The music was wonderful as always with John Williams and seeing the characters from the Original Trilogy and the new characters was beautiful! I really loved seeing Leia in Han’s arms! I was glad it didn’t tell to much of the plot and just showed enough to get us excited and bring us more questions.” – Thomas Storai

“I’m almost completely unspoiled, so it’s hard to have a coherent reaction beyond “boy, there’s a lot of pretty stuff in there”. I like to speculate as much as anyone, but only when there are at least a few bits and pieces to latch onto, so I appreciate how effective it was as a teaser, giving us lots of glimpses without much context. More than enough to last me until December, in fact; I hope they don’t release another second of footage from here on out.” – Mike Cooper

“Watching The Force Awakens trailer for the first time honestly took my breath away. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; the intrigue, the imagery, the characters new and old, the spectacle and the emotion… all brought me to tears. Star Wars has returned and it’s here to stay!” – Sean Chriscole

“The opening shot with Rey, descending alone into the the decaying bowels of a symbol of Imperial oppression and might is powerful and beautifully establishes the importance of her character. She will become the bridge between the old and the new, light and the dark. The other image that stood out was Kylo and the Knights of Ren standing in the mud and rain with the slain all around them. Immediately thought of Boorman’s ‘Excalibur’ and Mordred’s quest to destroy Arthur (Luke) and claim a powerful blade for himself (Anakin’s lightsaber). The Medieval imagery and influence is becoming more apparent.” – Star Wars in the Class

“The biggest moment for me however, was when the camera follows the Falcon over the wreckage and dives towards the open desert. That shot created a feeling of “we’re flying into new territory now.” Coupling that feeling with the music “Han and the Princess” (I think it is called?) primed me for tears. Then Han responds to Rey “It’s true. All of it.” My eyes watered up at that point. It was total fan bait to be honest, because it was tapping into all of our fond memories attached to Star Wars and reaffirming how important they are….It is hard to describe it. I feel like I’m missing something, trying to explain in words how it felt. It wasn’t just tapping into memories, but casting an eye forward. Like it was saying, everything that happened is vital to the future. For me personally I think it had to do with the fact the Prequels made it very clear how easy it is to fail in life. Perhaps this trailer, and that line in particular reawakened the possibility of some kind of hope.” – Josh Shortt

“As a somewhat new star wars fan (really got into the saga about 4-5 years ago) i had tears in my eyes when i saw Han on screen. Then I totally lost it when i heard William’s beautiful music when the words Star Wars The Force Awakens appeared. Wish there were more images of the original characters but so stoked to learn more about Rey, Kylo Ren, Capt Phasma, and Finn and their roles in the saga. December cannot come fast enough!”Jena Bug

I absolutely loved reading everyone’s initial responses! It’s great seeing how diverging some thoughts are and yet we’re all excited for the film. December will be great!


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