Anthology Films We’d Like To See #3: Steven’s ‘The Noble Warrior’

Today we have another guest entry for this series, Anthology Films We’d Like to See in which we explore the wide variety of stories that could be told through the Anthology/Star Wars Story films. Today’s entry comes from Steven Irizarry and was sent in via our FB account. His story combines a number of interesting Star Wars themes and ideas, such as the ever-present pull of the Dark side, the tragedy when siblings find themselves on opposite sides and the continuation of Jedi teachings. Also keep your eyes open for a number of references to The Force Awakens!

The Noble Warrior: a Star Wars Story

The movie begins with a hunting trip for a race of tribal hunters. David has unnatural skills and his people are all Force sensitives. They are by all means a race whose existence depends on it and sometimes centers on it. David is the front candidate for chieftain of his tribe and he is still trying to win the approval of the current tribe and his father. But his brother succumbs to the Dark Side of the Force, killing an entire village in his lust for power and fame. He believes that David should also cross into darkness. One day the First Order comes to their planet and David is forced to defend his village against them. Realizing that this might get worse the father and hundreds of other chieftain lead warriors make a stand. They easily take out the first wave due to their Force abilities. David feels like this is the end of it. But then the Knights of Ren charge, led by Kylo Ren and David’s BROTHER. He watches as these dark warriors slice his father and the chieftains down as he fights both of them with his spear. He puts up a great fight but the lightsabers break through the spear. His brother murders their father in front of him as he cries in horror.

He and the survivors, whole tribes, are led to camps in chains, any use of the Force means execution by one of the Knights. David uses it anyway and is about to be executed. In the last second he permanently scrambles the mind of his would be executioner. David then runs away into the woods where he is desperate for food. He sees that a ship has landed in in the middle of the woods. He easily overpowers the 2 soldiers guarding it, kills them and takes their food. He then is greeted remotely by the seemingly sentient ship. He then find out that he learned the language of the Knights and orders it to stay put (thinking that the ship is a living organism). He goes out to the woods and feeds himself with the flesh of animals. He then hears a voice in the darkness and the voice and him talk. The voice tells him to leave his world and go on a journey. He goes on the ship, and asks the computer to leave the worlds owned by the First Order. He goes into the deck and sees that his spear is there. He cries hard, mourning the death of his father by his brother’s hand. His brother is then seen trying to seduce his sister to the Dark Side. She refuses to succumb to him and tells him that he never understood real love despite him being surrounded by a tribe that loved him. He is unmoved and orders her to go back with the others. David arrives at the planet Taris (from Knights of the Old Republic) and he is shocked at the differences between his primitive world and Taris. There he sees that the planet is booming as pod racing tournaments are held. He sees a vision of a boy…a member of his race with a blue lightsaber standing up to a dark imposing figure. He realizes that he is seeing the future and participates in the tournament, betting his spear. He wins 1 million credits plus his spear and plus a few million more from the Huts. He then walks away to his ship only to find it being inspected by New Republic troops. David reasons that he is stuck on this world if he doesn’t have a ship. He fights the New Republic guards, nearly killing them and escaping on the ship. The ship automatically goes into hyperspace.

Suddenly Qui-gon Jinn’s voice appears, ordering him to fly to Tatooine. We then see that the First Order back at David’s home world is trying to use the members of David’s race to participate in mysterious horrible experiments. The resistance sends several spies. But David’s brother is now the leader of the project senses his brother’s presence and orders them to pursue his brother when he enters Tatooine air space. They pursue as David uses his piloting skills (which he also stolen from the knight). But the ship crashes because of First Order crafts. He survives but his ship is gone. He walks into a barren desert and then is spotted by a platoon of bounty hunters. They realize that he has a bounty on his head for 1 billion credits and attack him. He fights several of them before he is injured and is forced to escape. Qui-gon’s voice tells him to run west and, fearing for his life, he runs deeper and deeper into the desert as he is left to wonder if his people are alright. He is also frightened, believing that maybe Qui-Gon is leading him to his death. A sand storm nearly knocks him down. He is eventually attacked by sand people. He goes berserk and kills them. He is saddened and realizes that he had used the Dark Side and that he is just like his brother. Then he hears his brother’s voice. He sees a farm in the distance and his brother says that he must use the Dark Side to kill the farmer and take his food. He also says that he must sell their child as a slave if he is to make money to go back home. He walks up to them and takes out his dagger and prepares to pounce. But he sees the child, a mere boy (maybe from his people). He drops the knife as the child sees him. He runs into the desert wanting to die and be engulfed by the sand. When he sees Qui-Gon in the distance he decides to follow the path.

He goes straight and sees a hut. He goes inside and finds artifacts from Obi-Wan Kenobi. He then bows to the apparition of Qui-Go and weeps at his father’s loss, his own lost innocence and his brother tempting him. He is also guilt ridden. Qui-gon comforts him telling him that true light comes from one who faced the darkness and turned away. The act of sparing that family is far greater then the acts of him overcoming his enemies. David is still heart broken. He is soon drawing on the walls on his times of hunting with his father and recalls the time when his father taught him how to build a spear. David tells Qui-Go that he isn’t strong enough to protect his people. Qui-Gon then tells him that he will be powerful under his training. David is reassured and is honored to be taught. We then see him use his Force powers in a more controlling matter as he is taught by Qui-Go, Anakin, Obi-Wan and finally Yoda.

His training as a hunter complements his Force abilities, using a spear and Force push to make a staff of power to control his energies. But then the moment of truth happens, he teaches himself to make a lightsaber. He then learns that an army of Sand people are destroying farms and villages to avenge their fallen brothers. Feeling guilt he rushes into battle against them (leading to a hell of a battle scene). His hunter/warrior skills coupled with Jedi training makes him a unique wielder of the lightsaber. He then senses that the boy’s farm is being attacked. He runs to the farm and sees sand people there as well. He protects the boy and his parents, killing the sand people. The parents thank him as the family is revealed to already be slaves. The boy hugs David telling him thank you. David holds him and says he is sorry. The boy is grateful that his life is saved. They offer him clothes since David is partially naked in his tribal dress but he refuses. David instead does odd jobs that day as he cleans up the family’s wounds, fixes the fences and goes to the market where he meets Watto. He then realizes that the child is also a slave like he was. In his kindness buys the whole family’s freedom. The family is grateful and David senses the Force in the boy. He tells the boy that one day when he frees his people he will come and take him and teach him all that he knows.

David’s brother is then seen crushing rebellions on his home world, killing people sometimes for the sake of it. The brother is revealed to be mentally insane as he talks to false apparitions of Sith from long ago. David is seen in the desert realizing that he must go back. His people are dying at an exponential rate and he has to save them. He then says farewell to the boy and runs into the desert in high speed. He is determined to save his people even of it means both using the Dark side and the Light. He sees a Tie-fighter land nearby on a supply run, he steals it and uses autopilot to fly it to his homeworld, his spear in one hand and his lightsaber the other. He senses his world is in chaos as he sees whole forests burned down. He lands on the ground where he sees, in a mass grave, his father, badly decomposed from the weeks of exposure. He goes to the camps and sees that his people aren’t doing “odd jobs” but are being sent one at a time into a lab. Children are spared while adults wait their turn, leading David to wonder what’s wrong. He then goes into the camp with an army of his people to storm the camps, with him Force pushing fences over. The Knights attack David but his strength, unorthodox fighting and skills overwhelm them. The Knights get cut down as Storm Troopers watch in horror. They are attacked on both fronts as prisoners in the millions jump over the fence. Each prisoner scrambles the minds of the guards as they learn how to use their weapons but also their pent up Force abilities. David slices and stabs his way into the throne room of the camp where he sees his brother.

His brother tries to tempt him saying that he will be powerful in the Force…even more so than Snoke. David demands to learn what the lab is for. He shows him that the lab is for show, the First Order of course is only here because of the Force reservoir. He says that he is actually protecting his people. He says that he wanted to teach them hate. Soon he will leave the First Order, as soon as they realize that his work is simply to bring his people into one place. David learns that his brother is planning on using his planet’s unique Force reservoir to make an army of Force sensitives to carve out his own legacy of evil. He fights his brother and it’s intense. He is using both his warrior tactics and his lightsaber and spear to get the upper hand. He and his brother are evenly matched but soon it becomes clear that David is more strong willed. The brother jumps out a window and they fight in the roof. The remaining Knights fight David as his brother runs into the woods hoping to lure David into a trap and…steal his lightsaber.

David is the heart of this place and the brother believes that he can steal some of his power with the use of Sith sorcery. It is revealed that he uses Sith artifacts to take power for himself. David kills the last Knight, who is a Zabrak, and runs into the woods. He is then Force pushed by his brother and his lightsaber is claimed. But then its flies from his grasp. David is happy to see that a young boy from his tribe is being brave and standing his ground. The brother soon tries to kill the boy out of fun. David then unites both the Light and the Dark and pushes his brother across the forest into a tree, breaking his arm, He is then blasted by Force lightning. He is cornered by David at the cliff. The brother then sees his father and in his final act of madness runs at David with his lightsaber. But with one easy swing David slices his brother in half. With one Force push he is thrown off the cliff, in a homage to The Phantom Menace.

With that he goes to the camp and sees his people celebrating teir freedom. The resistance arrives and find that the planet is well off alone for now. David is declared chieftain, not just of his tribe but of all tribes. He knows that his people need a leader and decides that a council needs to be built to govern and lead their planet to recover from post-war damages. Qui-gon comes in and praises him, he also says that now he can choose his own path. He decides that it’s time to fulfill a promise. He goes to Anakin’s old homeworld Tatooine and sees the boy. He walks to the child and says that it’s time for training. The movie ends with them after training, sweating and looking at the binary suns while holding eachother.

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