The Poster and the sneak peek’s are here!

Together with the announcement of a full trailer of The Force Awakens for 19/10/2015 we have also been served with a delicious poster. So let me share with you our first reactions to all that has come out tonight!

The poster

First things first, what a great poster is this!! What I love about the design of the poster is the slanted line from top-right to bottom-left. star-wars-poster-new-155758Kylo Ren’s lightsabre and parallel Rey staff they seem to struggle for Balance now that the Force has awakened. But you can clearly see that the blue color has to give way to the red. Raw emotion is on the march in the Star Wars universe. The poster confirms Rey as the central figure of The Force Awakens together with Kylo. I think this is more than just coincidental and I could very well imagine that Rey v.s. Kylo is the key duality in the generation of the Sequel Trilogy.

Surprising element of the poster is of course the Absence of Luke Skywalker. Han and Leia are there alright and we get a first look at Leia’s hairdo. Han is, as usual, sporting his trademark blaster. It is a poster that is solidly Star Wars, the color-scheme, the vivid and kinetic design, it is all there. If anyone had any doubts about whether this film was a Star Wars film, you can put those to bed now.

If you look at the credits at the bottom of the poster it is of interest to see that the first two of the new generation to be mentioned are, again, Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley.Sister-Brother I do have the impression this is another indicator that these two characters are the ones involved in the core conflict of the Sequel Trilogy. It just makes you wonder whether after all we are dealing with a Jacen & Jaine type of story? Well, I guess tomorrow after we have seen the trailer we will know a little more that just speculation.

I did notice one thing that leaves me with a slight sense of melancholy. Where in the credits Anthony Daniels is explicitly mentioned, there is no reference to Kenny Baker. It almost seems to suggest there as been some kind of ‘fall out’ and Kenny has left the project. That would be a pity if true, also because I am not sure they kept the ‘better’ one of the two actors responsible for R2 and 3PO.

The Sneak Peek’s

Then there is of course the business of the sneak peeks into tomorrow trailer revelation. The first of the sneak peeks contains the largest amount of footage in terms of different shots. All three sneak peeks contain the start of the Force Theme which evidently sounds very familiar, but it does have a fresh and strong ring to it. Excellent work!

I like how this sneak peek teases us with three shots of ‘our heroes’ in clear anticipation of, or worry over, the tribulations ahead. The shot of Rey in her workshop on Jakku is gorgeous! I love the focus, as well as the fact that (to quote another film) she is apparently ‘engineering the shit out of something’. But what I loke most about it is this: she is fixing things!anakin-and-padme_39195_2 If this is not a clear sign she is a Skywalker then I don’t know what else would. Whenever Skywalkers start ‘fixing things’ then you can be sure something important is about to happen, or has just happened. vlcsnap-2014-10-06-22h14m45s64CroppedI would not be surprised if that family tradition is continued in The Force Awakens. Hence the pensive look on Rey’s face. The subsequent shots of Poe, BB-8 and Finn all show them spotting, realizing or hiding from something. The message is clear: Get ready for tomorrow’s trailer release! And with that I will leave you for now. Because whether it is Rey’s worried look as she sees what is undoubtedly a First Order assault on the Resistance’s base

or whether we are dealing with Poe’s arrival just in time to fight side-by-side with his Resistance brothers in arms

you can be sure of one thing: This is where the fun begins!

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