The First Order

Weekly Round-Up

This week saw a lot of Star Wars things happening from the return of Star Wars: Rebels to the announcement that we will, in fact, be receiving a trailer next week. Next week around this time rumours will be flying through the roof, I’m sure, with all kinds of new theories about what will happen in The Force Awakens popping up. But let’s get on with this week’s news first:

  • Could The Force Awakens be coming to Netflix? (Screen Crush)
  • Shattered Empire continues to rock worlds (I09)
  • Kathleen Kennedy joins us in wanting nothing more than a female Star Wars director (TIME)
  • Amazing couple exchanges first dance with something Star Wars (Mirror)
  • We’re getting more ‘Journey to The Force Awakens’ stuff! (Epicstream)

On Clone Corridor we’ve been working on our Class:

And just like last week we’ve decided to feature some fanart! This week I’ve chosen this amazing drawing of Shaak Ti. It really seems to capture her character and I swear those eyes are staring at me through my screen.

This drawing is by Lorna Ka over on Tumblr, go check the page out for more amazing art work!


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