Scene it? – ‘Ezra surrenders to Thrawn’ and ‘Ezra sacrifices himself to liberate Lothal’

Time for another Scene it? post! The two awesome scenes we are going to discuss are from the very last episode of Star Wars Rebels: ‘Ezra surrenders to Thrawn’ and ‘Ezra sacrifices himself to liberate Lothal’. Let’s discuss these scenes in more … Continue reading Scene it? – ‘Ezra surrenders to Thrawn’ and ‘Ezra sacrifices himself to liberate Lothal’

Star Wars’ Forgotten Women #5: Kreia

Kreia is a character you will not find in any of the films or animation series but in the computer game Knights of the Old Republic II. Nevertheless she deserves to be discussed and mentioned along side the most beloved female characters of the Star Wars Saga. The game managed to create a tantalizing female character such as we have not encountered since, elsewhere in the Galaxy.

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Scene it? – Anakin and the Sandpeople

scene it 2Scene It? is a feature we’re hoping to do frequently, if maybe not each week. As the title may suggest, we’ll be looking at different scenes within the Star Wars-canon and analyse how they can be interpreted.

Today I want to look at a scene that I believe is crucial to the development of Anakin Skywalker and sets him on the path to the Dark Side. This is the scene between Anakin and his mother, followed by the slaughter of the Sandpeople and Anakin dealing with the consequences of his actions. In the second prequel film The Attack of the Clones (2002) Anakin Skywalker goes through an enormous amount of development. The last time we see him he was a child, who had left home behind and was about to start training as a Jedi-padawan. In TAoC, Anakin has grown into a young man who is struggling with being mature at all times. He is torn between following his emotions and his high expectations of himself.

The scenes on Tatooine are truly tragic and, for the first time, we see Anakin take a conscious step towards the Dark Side. Shortly after finding his mother, she dies in his arms before being able to say she loves him. George Lucas and Hayden Christensen show us an Anakin who is already conflicted between what he knows is right and what he feels. I want to spend some time analysing what happens in this moment to show how delicate the film is in showing us Anakin’s development. The two scenes in the video above are the ones I will be looking at.

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