TLJ Character Studies #6: Rose Tico

We are once again back with another closer look at one of the characters in the latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise; The Last Jedi. We have been looking at lots of the characters throughout the weeks and I have to say that I personally have found this one the hardest. Today we are looking at one of the newbies to the franchise; Rose Tico. This review will contain spoilers so be warned! On our main page you can find links to previous character studies and to both a spoiler and non spoiler review of the full film!

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Rebels Review #2.12-#2.13: Ezra & The Force

These two episodes contained a common thread. Even though they were each highlighting backstory elements of one of the Ghost crew’s characters they were also episodes in which Ezra was exposed to a larger universe of The Force beyond what he had seen. They were episodes which increasingly dealt with Ezra’s ability to lead and with the relationship between him and Kanan. The beautiful thing however was that these developments were kept somewhat in the background of what seemed to be stories about someone else. Continue reading “Rebels Review #2.12-#2.13: Ezra & The Force”

Rebels Review #2.18: The Secret of Chopper Base

This was an awesome episode! I believe that in it’s quiet moments it hid several bombshell messages that look forward to the season’s finale next week. On the surface it seems to tell a straight forward adventure story of securing a new base. But actually it was a story of goodbye’s foreshadowing that this was the last time our Star Wars: Rebels family was together like this. This review is full of spoilers, including potential spoilers for the Season’s finale.

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