Supporting us!

Clone Corridor is free, will remain free and has no profit motive. None of that is going to change. But if you want to support us, now you can!

Clone Corridor content remains free

Nothing will change with respect to the content we provide. We are not going to become a free blog where all you get for free are half-posts and where you have to pay in order to read the full ones, or where there is going to be all kinds of paid-for content in addition to the less frequent and lower quality free-content. On Clone Corridor all content is, and will always be free.


So why support us?

We are currently paying to secure our domain-name and to keep our blog free of advertisements. We enjoy using the services of WordPress, who are hosting our blog, and we pay them to keep advertisements off our blog. We do so because we are passionate that our blog is about Star Wars and not covered up with outside commercial content. First and foremost we are fans writing about Star Wars and not somebody else’s business model.


If you want to help us cover those expenses, then feel free to do so. We never offered that opportunity in the past but since today (18/04/2019) we do. But we will never start asking a fee for access or anything like that. Nor will we clog up our blog with stuff we try to sell. Instead you will find the “Support Clone Corridor” widget at the bottom of our pages, or on the right-side of the frame. You can support us for as little as £3. There is no subscription, it is a one-off, one-time donation. But obviously you are free to do so as often as you like (or never if you prefer that)!

What will we do with the donations?

Running this blog and its Facebook community costs us about £500,- a year. If our annual donations would start exceeding that we will find a verifiable way to make it come back to you. Additional content, nicer and more interactive format of our blog-site or as donations to charities such as  A Force for Change.

You can be sure that we will report on here annually what has happened with any donations that have com in.

Clone Corridor turning 4

Today it is 4 years ago that Clone Corridor first came online. In that period we have written 316 posts (excluding this one) that have generated more than 145,000 views from all over the world. We have over 41,000 followers on our Clone Corridor Community Facebook group. The most important support you can give us, you have spent generously over the past four years: your attention for and interest in what we write and quite a few of you have also contributed guest-posts, My Star Wars Moments and other reader-posts. We have a great year coming up with Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Star Wars: Resistance season 2 and The Mandalorian coming onto the big and small screens. We are proud that we can be along for the ride!


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