Rebels Review: A Fool’s Hope

We’ve had sleepless nights since seeing the last week’s episodes: this week we are saying farewell to Star Wars Rebels! It’s been four amazing years and we can’t believe it’s coming to an end. Tonight’s triple length episode was pure awesomeness and the first part of it was “The Fools Hope”, which had some real action and which this review is going to be about, as you might have guessed. I must warn you, however, that it will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, stop right here!

The episode opens up with the Ghost crew, excluding Ezra and Sabine, leaded by Hera gathering up the team to help Ezra liberate Lothal. We see their immediate reaction summarized in the following awesome lines, which really set up the mood for the whole finale:

“The Jedi. We followed them in battle many times. How about one last time?”

“For this boy there is nothing I would not do.” – Hondo Ohnaka

Meanwhile on Lothal Ezra had already devised a plan by which he would proceed with this. He is shown to be meditating, just like Kanan, clearly preparing himself for everything that is to come.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 23.10.06.pngWhen interrupted by Sabine, Ezra tells her that he needs to talk to Hera and that they need to act now, because Thrawn might already be on his way to Lothal. To that Ezra receives a backlash from Ryder, almost to deceive us a bit that there is some unreadiness in between the Rebels and something may snap at any moment.

We are then thrown directly into action, where Ryder contacts battling with her recent failure governor Pryce, and tells her that he will give in all the Rebels to her just to be granted amnesty. From that moment we, as a viewer, are hanging in two states at the same time – feeling like this might be really a betrayal, which would be horrible,

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 23.17.07.png

or a part of Ezra’s plan. But actually, if we look more carefully we will find that all the clues that it was a part of Ezra’s plan are planted there all along for us not to actually have any doubts. It is actually being very carefully thought through during the episode where some people know about the plan and others don’t. For example Sabine not knowing about the transmission Ryder did to Pryce, seems like only Ezra, Zeb and Ryder knew. And where.. wait, that’s in the next episode, so I’ll leave it out for now.

Erm.. anyway, let us continue 🙂 Pryce takes it in and flies directly to the Rebels location with them still being unprepared and without Hera and the rest of the Ghost crew having come back. fools-hope-3_ca535159.jpgThey are being attacked almost immediately, being unready, but not unprepared for the attack. Here we see Ezra kick some Stormtrooper ass and Sabine have some cool action for those flyers! And that comic relief moment where Chopper deceives the stormtrooper! It was just all super cool and awesome! There was some major fighting and because of the delay the Ghost had to go through in their arrival due to Imperial occupation around Lothal, Rebels have lost a lot as well, including their crawler. They barely stood the attack and were almost captured by Pryce when the Ghost crew made it through just on time to help them out. I really enjoyed them blasting away all the Pryce’s team and the Rebels main theme playing throughout!


Whilst the Ghost was chasing the rest of the flyers, the rest of the crew was outnumbered and Ezra commands all to fall back into the cave. I love how they show him thinking every time prior to making each decision and we see that despite their difficulty this is a grown up Ezra right here who does carry the responsibility for his actions! Believing that Rebels are trapped in a cave, Pryce send her forces in to capture them. To their big disappointment Ezra had already thought this through. Our favourite loth wolves came to fight alongside Rebels to liberate Lothal! This is just awesome how they show all the learning that Ezra came through in his journey, all the connections he made with the living world came at place right here,

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 23.46.33.pngat the end. With the help of the Loth wolves they finally stopped Pryce with her stormtroopers and took her prisoner. I just can’t stop laughing from her terrified face at a mere sight of a loth wolf. 😉 I also loved all the comic moments with Hondo here and there. The episode closes with the whole crew together and Hera and Ezra talking to each other.

You did it. Somehow, against all the odds, you actually did it.

I couldn’t have without you. Without all of you.

As Rebels rest from this victorious battle, Ezra’s final words prepare us for what is to come in the two ultimate episodes:

I wish it was over, but it’s not. Not until we chase the Empire from Lothal and show the Galaxy that for all their power, they can be defeated.


Here it is for this episode. Hope you enjoyed our review. Stay tuned for the upcoming review of the last double. It’s all Star Wars and it’s all right here!

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 22.35.49.png


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