Weekly Round-Up

Although it’s Monday tomorrow – we still got time to have a look at the most catchy news from the past week and dip into our favourite universe, so – happy beeps, Guys! We are excited to see you here at the end of another successful week for Clone Corridor Community! This week we have hit over 15K followers thanks to you continued support and introduced you to:

which is comprised of:

Don’t forget to catch up with them all: they are great analyses of character developments from the Force Awakens to The Last Jedi, plus, you don’t want to fall behind because there are more to follow very soon!


Help us keep the Balance!

We are working at connecting with social media in non-english speaking areas and extend posts into non-english languages. 

466px-Yin_yang.svgIf you are a native speaker of Spanish, 

Indonesian, Mandarin, Portuguese or another language and are also fluent in English and you would like to help us out –  send us a message!

We are picking-up the series of ‘My Star Wars Moment’ again very soon! And if you have a Star Wars Moment to share with us … don’t hesitate to let us know ASAP!


This week our eyes got caught on the following news from the Star Wars official:

And others:


WELL, wasn’t that a mouthful? On top of that we are happy to treat you with our fanart of the week of Obi Wan Kenobi by Tofu! To end this week with something special: we will be happy to see your descriptions/thoughts about the art in the comments section below!

You can follow this fantastic artist on Tumblr,  DeviantArt and, of course, Twitter! 😉26803536_10156018947068991_2025351658_n

Keep it up, guys

and as always,


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