Weekly Round-Up

This week we are not back but, rather, we start from a fresh page as we are bursting into a new awesome year – 2018 – with our very first weekly-round up!

We will be looking into the main news from this week from the Star Wars world and of course a recap of the most recent posts of Clone Corridor! Buckle up guys, because this week we have:

Our previous but very important posts that are definitely worth a re-read are all the character studies:


From the Star-Wars world the hottest reads are:

*minor spoiler alert for those who hadn’t seen TLJ yet! *

and an awesome quiz from the official SW page! You have to do it, because it’s just fun: QUIZ: CAN YOU GUESS THE STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI CHARACTER?


And, of course, our fanart of the week is from

the brilliant Jennifer Aberin Johnson

of a young Luke Skywalker:

See you around, kids, and as always


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