Weekly Round-up

I missed doing these Weekly Round-up posts, especially because it always gave me an excuse to spend even more time reading through Star Wars news. And with how stressful work has become, bringing this back gives me a reason to ignore work for a while. Also, yes, a Leia header because I still miss Carrie Fisher. But before we get into all the new Star Wars news, let’s revel in the glory of the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer!

  • The original Skywalker lightsaber from A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back is being auctioned again (Gizmodo)
  • Love this StarWars.com post on Mon Mothma! (Star Wars)
  • I’m still incredibly excited about Donald Glover being in the Han Solo spin-off (IGN)
  • We’re outraged on Rancho Obi-Wan’s behalf! (Geek)
  • When has Dave Filoni ever clarified anything? (Screen Rant)
  • I’m with Elaine, I love the Rogue One soundtrack (Dork Side of the Force)
  • I want a Bodhi Rook Pop! figure right now! (Heroic Hollywood)
  • The Sequel trilogy will have an ’emotionally resonant’ finale (The Independent)
  • Please bring back Uncle Owen! (Business Insider)

Fanart of the Week

I still love Star Wars fanart, so here is one of the beauties I found in the last week! I love the way the light falls onto Rey’s face in the artwork below, it is beautifully done. And every since seeing TFA for the first time I have been fascinated by Rey’s potential for the Dark Side, so seeing her with a twin blade is just amazing. This piece of art was done by Kittrose, who mostly paints freehand in photoshop with a wacom tablet!

This was supposed to be part of a larger piece, but it wasn’t working, so I’ll post it as it is for now.

‘This was supposed to be part of a larger piece, but it wasn’t working, so I’ll post it as it is for now.’ (Tumblr)

Definitely check out more of Kittrose’s art, she has so many stunning drawings of Rey! I want to paste them all over my room. I do hope she finishes the larger piece this was intended for, since I can’t wait to see it! If you like her art, do consider purchasing it at DeviantArt or Society6. You can also find her on Facebook.

As always,


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