Clone Corridor about Leia

Carrie Fisher’s depiction of Leia Organa has been central to much of Star Wars. She put so much of herself into that role. Clone Corridor posted about Leia frequently, here are some of the stories we ran.

Clone Corridor started publishing in spring 2015 and one of our very first stories was a scene-it on that (in)famous metal bikini in Return of the Jedi, followed swiftly by a discussion of that other equally and telling moment in Empire Strikes Back where Han finally knows something.

Guest posts

David Salazar dedicated a guest-post to her and her role in the Hexalogy and the poetry of Leia and Padme’s parts. In a My Star Wars moment Thomas Storai recounted his dearest Star Wars Celebration Europe memories which included Carrie’s session in the main hall.

The female and the feminine in Star Wars

Evidently any discussion of how the feminine is displayed in Star Wars and how female characters are depicted is inconcievable without mentioning her, whether that was as part of a Star Wars class on this, or as an exploration of what role identity plays in Star Wars stories up to this day.

Leia stays with us

While we are writing down our personal feelings about Leia and Carrie Fisher expressing how we will keep extracting inspiration from her person as well as her role,  we might see more of her in Rebels and will see more of her in Episode VIII even though nothing will quite match the tribute to her that is contained in Rogue One.

As many of you reading this will be scanning the web for more personal reaction coming forward, other members ofmthe team at CC will also contribute to this. And feel free to contact us if you would like to your story with Leia or Carrie on our pages or share them in the comments!

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