Weekly Round-Up

It’s about a month till Rogue One  will start hitting cinema screens and we are bringing back our Weekly Round-Ups because this week has been filled with very very important events and news not only in the Star Wars world but also… nope, let us just focus on the Star Wars news here, shall we? 😉

  • Episode IX is expected to be filmed ‘old school’ (CBR)
  • New Excerpt From Star Wars: Catalyst Released (The Force.net)
  • The Force Awakens: JJ Abrams reveals the two changes Steven Spielberg made to the film (The Independent)
  • Rogue One Character Cards Reveal 3 New Star Wars Actors (Comic book)
  • Entertainment Weekly To Publish The Ultimate Guide To Rogue One (Jedi News)
  • Thrawn’s Next Move – Iron Squadron Preview on Star Wars Rebels (Star Wars)


If you still have time this Sunday evening take a look at some of our previous posts:


And yep, we are back with our Fanart of the Week as well: it features Galen Erso, Jyn’s father. I really liked this art for resonating with the current mood and in general for bringing hope as there might still be someone out there willing to protect us even in darkest times.


It was drawn by MONIKA. and you can find it and her other amazing work on Tumblr.

Thank you and





2 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up

  1. I’m so excited for Catalyst. Hoping to read it within this next week if I can get my hands on a copy. Also, about that art resonating with the current mood–that is too painfully accurate.


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