Weekly Round-Up

So, a lot’s been happening in Star Wars news, especially Rogue One news!

  • Reshoots don’t have to be a drama: the Rogue One edition (Cinema Blend)
  • The beautiful Star Wars Celebration 2016 posters are beautiful! (Coming Soon)
  • Ever seen the teaser for Return of the Jedi? Archivists found one for you! (Blastr)
  • Should Legends drip into the canon: a discussion (Dork Side of the Force)
  • The Han Solo spin-off will start filming in January 2017 (Comic Book)
  • We celebrated the 39th anniversary A New Hope (Comic Book)
  • Yes, I thought Chewbacca mom was hilarious (Channel 3000)

Here at Clone Corridor we’re slowly trying to get back into our groove:

And now for everyone’s favourite part: Fanart of the Week! We’ve featured a lot of different art but not a lot of it has had Star Wars: Rebels charactrs at the heart of it and that’s about to change! I present to you space blueberry and everyone’s favourite Star Wars pet:

This drawing is by Kara and I love the colours of it. She also absolutely nailed Ezra and the Lothal cat is absolutely adorable! You can find more of her artwork on Tumblr, DeviantArt or even buy some on Red Bubble!

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