Star Wars at UCL

Last year, in the semester running up to the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, a ‘UCL Star Wars Class was offered’ at University College London by the Department of Economics. There is more Star Wars news about that right now.

The UCL Star Wars Class drew quite a bit of attention from students of UCL and beyond. The University itself also presented it on its ‘Teaching & Learning portal‘ as an example of innovative teaching. So perhaps it is not that surprising that a talk based upon last year’s Star Wars Class will now also feature on this year’s UCL ‘Festival of Culture‘. The programme will be forthcoming any time now.

In addition there will also be talks during the UCL Open Days in June 2016 for prospective students on the topic of ‘UCL and the Galaxy Far Far Away’ and the story-telling aspects of good university teaching.

Finally with the release of Star Wars: Rogue One set for this December it is perhaps no surprise that the Star Wars Class will return in the fall of 2016. Given that this time around this decision has been taken many months prior to the start of classes Clone Corridor will aim at making the materials of that class available here in a more complete way.

If you want more information just contact directly.

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