Weekly Round-Up

It’s been a busy two weeks, with the Oscars coming and going and rumours about Rogue One swirling. So let’s see what’s been happening:

  • Tony Dyson, the creator of the beloved R2-D2, has died. (The Guardian)
  • Rogue One previewed at Stakeholder’s Meeting (Slash Film)
  • The Force Awakens will come to your house on the 18th of April! (Den of Geek)
  • Mark Hamill is fine with you thinking Luke is gay (The Independent)
  • Ep VIII is starting right where The Force Awakens ends! (SlashFilm)
  • Guess who crashed the Oscars? (The Independent)
  • Want to hear another crazy Rey theory? (Radio Times)
  • Star Wars is taking over Disneyland and no one is complaining (Tech Times)


Here on Clone Corridor we had a closer look at one of the most iconic elements of Star Wars while earlier last week we weighed in on some of Abrams’ comments:

And now that this post is back, we once again have some amazing fanart to share with you. This time we decided to break your heart a little bit and I’d apologize if my own wasn’t breaking as well. Please join me in sobbing over Stephanie’s drawing below:

i’m good at waiting

As everyone who has seen The Force Awakens knows, Rey is good at waiting but also getting tired of it. I loved Stephanie’s approach to it because Rey is still struggling so much with her childhood and having been left on Jakku and this is a beautiful visualization of that! Find more of Stephanie’s art on Tumblr and Twitter.


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