Weekly Round-Up

We’ve had all sorts of different types of Star Wars news this week, from Ep VIII news to intense research into the complexity of Star Wars! Dive into the Interwebs with us:

  • Star Wars Ep VIII has begun filming! (Time)
  • Star Wars is getting prosecuted for Harrison Ford getting hurt (The Guardian)
  • Rogue One is amazing, according to Disney and I can’t wait (The Independent)
  • Rihanna wore a The Phantom Menace skirt and I want one (The Daily Mail)
  • A research team from Switzerland applied graph theory to Star Wars and it’s brilliant (Gizmodo)

We also put up some posts here:

And now it’s time for everyone’s favourite part of this post: the Fanart of the Week! This time I’ve decided to go with something a little bit cute, and a little bit orange! It’s a one of a kind, it’s special, it’s a droid!  I present to you this gorgeous BB-8 drawing by Katarzyna Jaskiewicz:

prints, mugs, t-shirts, bags and phone cases available on Society6


I just love it, the vibrancy of the colour and the water colour-ish effect! Check Katarzyna’s work out on her website, Deviant Art and Pinterest!



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