CC Memo: Comments Policy on CC

We love comments on posts and we don’t mind hotly debated and well-argued points of view either. But in recent days I have ‘canned’ a few comments and I though it would be good to reiterate the comment policy on CC.

We have implemented a small set of 3 rules! Our goal is not to stifle the freedom of expression on this blog, nor to in any way prevent constructive and passionate debate rather we seek to facilitate that. It is our expression that open debate and exchange of thought is usually endangered by posters not sticking to such simple rules as the ones below, not by the ones upholding such rules. Clone Corridor is supposed to be a safe environment where no one needs to fear being personally, verbally attacked, qualified or vilified merely for expressing an argued opinion.

The rules are really simple:

[1] Commenters should not direct personal attacks at anyone, including the following groups:

  • other commenters either by referring to name/username or directly addressing via ‘you’ or ‘he/she’;
  • people working within the Star Wars franchise either by ‘calling them names’ or by smearing their integrity, credibility or competence;
  • any group of people, or any individual, on this blog or elsewhere, on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preferences, political preferences, ethnicity, etc;

[2] If commenters disagree with something they read here, either blog content or a comment’s content that is great! Write why and or how you disagree, i.e. your arguments or even merely that you disagree! But don’t

  • use disagreement to suggest the other party is in any way unqualified / not a proper fan / or any other qualifiers of a personal nature;
  • use a comment to utter disagreement with something posted elsewhere, in a different post or blog, or by someone not active in the same comment thread;
  • utter your disagreement merely in terms of qualifiers applied to the posted opinion (i.e. sentences like ‘this opinion is just stupid!’)

[3] We issue no warnings! When you see comments disappear or not being accepted that should be enough warning. If you nevertheless break these rules again you risk being barred from access to this blog without further notice.

[4] If you want to write something critical that addresses things not posted on Clone Corridor but relevant to Star Wars, contact us for a guest-post!



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